8 Ways To Speed ​​Up Indihome WiFi Connection And Overcome The Slowness Effectively

It may happen that the Internet connection becomes slow due to the modem being switched on for a long time. Hence, one way to speed up Wifi Indihome is to restart the modem. The goal is to prevent the modem from overheating, which will affect internet connection problems.

After restarting the modem, try to restart it and see if the speed is different from before. If the reboot doesn’t work, try letting your Indihome modem sit for a while until it doesn’t get too hot. Turn it back on after a while and see the difference in speed.

You can choose between different DNS types that can be operated free of charge, for example Google DNS ( or the DNS from Cloudfare ( DNS changes are very likely to help speed up the internet connection to make it more stable. For smartphone users, you can download this DNS changer application through the Playstore service.

3. Update the Indihome service

The next way to speed up Wifi Indihome is to update the Indihome service. For example, if you previously used a 10MB speed service and wanted to get faster internet.

Then you can increase the internet speed to 20MB or higher. However, this has the greatest consequence on the cost side, as your monthly indihome bill devours more budget.

4. Verification of WLAN users

How To Speed ​​Up Wifi Indihome - Check Wifi Users

Another way to speed up Indihome Wifi networks is to check the users of the wifi network. Usually one factor causing slow internet connection is because too many devices are connected.

So open your router menu and check which devices are connected to your Indihome network. Usually displayed in the form of a DHCP client list. For more information, see the article on Finding Indihome WiFi Users.

5. Clean up temporary internet files

Temporary internet files are also known as temporary internet files. Every time you surf the internet, cache files are created by the various websites you have visited. If this cache accumulates for a long period of time, it can interfere with the Internet connection because it is loaded with “junk” files.

Therefore, in order to speed up the Indihome connection, you need to clear the cache file. You can have a cleaner application on the device you are using. For example, if you are using an Android smartphone, use the cleaner on the phone. Likewise when using a PC or laptop.

6. Use a VPN

How To Speed ​​Up Wifi Indihome - Use vpn

Not only does it work to open blocked sites / applications, it turns out that a VPN can speed up indihome connections too. The way it works is that the VPN routes the network connection to a specific server. Usually the most preferred server is in Singapore because it is faster.

But you have to be careful when using a VPN to avoid the worst potential like data leaks and so on. Indihome is an internet network provider that already has many users. However, if you are using a VPN and there is data leakage, it is Indihome’s responsibility.

7. Using the TCP Optimizer

As you can speed up Indihome’s internet connection, you can also use the TCP Optimizer which can be used to make changes to the computer’s connection settings. This application can speed up the internet connection by optimizing the whole network. After that, the application will work automatically to optimize the Internet connection.

TCP Optimizer must first be downloaded and installed on the PC in order to work. However, there are times when this application does not have a significant effect in the sense that the internet connection remains weak despite its use. In such cases your internet network needs to be updated.

8. Switch to fiber

If you’ve followed the steps above but your internet connection is still slow, your best bet is to change the network to fiber. This network is much more stable than a wired telephone connection. The difference between fiber optic connections and conventional cables is particularly noticeable in bad weather.

You can also switch to fiber optics for wireless networks. If you are using a wireless connection, the internet connection cannot be 100% fast due to the presence of electromagnetic barriers at times. In contrast to fiber optic connections, the internet quality is relatively higher.

The last word…

These are the tips and how to speed up the indihome wifi connection that you can practice. There are basically two possible causes for a slow internet connection. First, in terms of the network used. Second, from the browser factor and the computer device used.

You can follow the steps above to speed up the internet connection where the source of the problem has been found. Alright, that’s it for this article on speeding up the indihome wifi network, good luck and hopefully it will come in handy.

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