8 Tips Before Buying Original MacBooks So You Don’t Be Fooled

MacBook is a series of portable computers produced by Apple Inc. MacBook was introduced in May 2006. In this digital era, we need to be careful if we want to buy something so we don’t regret it later.

On this occasion we will discuss tips before buying an Original MacBook so as not to be deceived. Come on! Just take a look at the tips guys.

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Beware of Deception! Here’s How To Distinguish Original and Fake MacBooks

In addition to distinguishing the original or fake MacBook in physical form, you also need to know the information from the Mac or Macbook in order to be able to distinguish the fake or original MacBook that you will buy.

1. Doing COD Sistem System

Doing COD

Doing COD

For those of you who want to buy MacBook through oonline shop or site web, it is highly recommended to use the COD (Cash on delivery) system so as not to be easily deceived.

In addition, you can also check directly the specifications and authenticity of the MacBook which you will buy before paying for it.

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2. Choose a Trusted Shop

Choose a Trusted Online Shop

Choose a Trusted Online Shop

If you want to buy MacBook through oonline shopYou must choose a trusted online shop. To see if the online shop is trusted or not, you can check the testimonials from buyers at the online shop.

By buying at an online shop, of course you will not be deceived and feel harmed by the online shop, guys.

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3. Check MacBook Physical Condition

Doing Goods Check

Doing Goods Check

Before buying you must check the physical form of the MacBook that you are going to buy, you also have to check the condition of the bolts from the MacBook. Make sure the shape of the MacBook is intact and has never been disassembled before.

The condition of the bolts that are not intact can indicate that the contents of the MacBook it has been replaced. Well, that’s how to tell the difference.

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4. Check Port Condition

Check Port

Check Port

Check condition port that you will buy like USB, Ethernet, Audio, HDMI or any other port, make sure that the port is on MacBook the one you are about to buy is not damaged and still works.

You can try it by pairing hard disk external to port USB and men-copy data from MacBook then move to flash drive, don’t forget you also try port the others, guys!

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5. See the condition of the hard drive and processor

Checking Hard Disk

Checking Hard Disk

MacBook have a little difference from laptops in general, usually hard disk MacBook have a label Apple on the physical so that we can easily distinguish hard disk which has been replaced or not.

To check the condition processor you can activate the feature macgnification dock. You will experience lagging if processor its a problem.

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6. Official Warranty

Official guarantee

Official guarantee

MacBook the original usually has an official warranty from Apple Store for one year. Well, you need to be careful, guys, if you buy a MacBook but don’t get a warranty from the seller.

It could be MacBook what you are going to buy is fake, guys! So from that, if you buy a MacBook but don’t get a warranty. So don’t you ever buy it, guys, even though the price is low.

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7. Check Camera Clarity

Check Camera Clarity

Check Camera Clarity

You must check the clarity of the camera MacBook which you will buy. Because, MacBook cameras in general produce clear and not blurry images.

You need to ask the seller if the camera MacBook what you will buy is not clear and blurry.

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8. Wifi and Bluetooth features

Check Wifi and Bluetooth

Check Wifi and Bluetooth

The eighth tip is that you need to check the Wifi and Bluetooth features on the MacBook that you are going to buy by clicking the wireless icon on the menu bar then to activate it select turn on. Usually a cross will appear when the Wifi on the MacBook is not working.

To check the Bluetooth condition, you can check it by connecting the Apple magic mouse to the MacBook, activate the Magic Mouse and Mac and then connect it to the Mac through the Preferences system.

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Well, that’s 8 tips before buying a genuine MacBook so as not to be deceived, if you have other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column yes! Do not forget share so that more people know.

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