8 Indonesian-made products that are successful worldwide

Local products are goods made from within the country. Usually local products are only famous in the country.

However, it is so delicious and useful that local products can also be famous in various worlds. What local products are there that are worldwide? Come on, just take a look, guys.

This is a list of Indonesian-made products that are successful worldwide!

Are you curious, guys, let’s just take a peek at local products that are worldwide.

1. Indomie


Surely you know about Indomie products? Yups, this instant noodle turns out to be really global, guys. Especially now that there are so many different flavors.

It turns out that Indomie has also been exported to more than 60 countries and Indomie has also been named the most popular noodle product in African countries.

2. Extra Joss

Extra Joss

The next product is Extra Joss. Energy drink products from PT Bintang Toedjoe have already explored the market in Asia.

In addition, Extra Joss has also entered the markets of developed countries such as America and Australia. Wow, that’s great, isn’t it?

3. Equil


At first glance, the Equil packaging looks like liquor, guys. But make no mistake, this product is mineral water. Moreover, Equil is included in the list of the best mineral water recommendations.

This product has also arrived on the European continent, guys. Not only that, Equil is also sold in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

4. Kopiko


Surely you like to eat candy? Moreover, the candy can withstand sleepiness like Kopiko. This candy has already reached the international market.

For those of you who go to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, Australia, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Africa, you will definitely find this candy sold in supermarkets.

5. Reject the Wind

Reject the Wind

If your body is not feeling well, you will definitely buy this product! Yups, especially if it’s not Reject Wind. This product has also been sold to various countries.

One of them is Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Australia and also the United States. This product made by Sido Muncul was also advertised abroad. Cool, huh?

6. Silver Queen

Silver Queen

For those who really like chocolate, surely you know this product? Yups, Silver Queen is a rectangular chocolate snack.

Having different flavor variants, Silver Queen is also worldwide, guys. No half-hearted Silver Queen beat the popularity of Swiss chocolate guys.

7. La Fonte

La Fonte

So, for those who like pasta, do you know that La Fonte is made by Bogasari? Yup, this product is also very global, guys.

Surely you think this is a foreign product, right? Hehehe.. you’re so wrong, guys. Oh yes, this product has reached Asian countries, Nigeria, Zambia and the United Arab Emirates.

8. Coffee Ship Fire

Fire Ship Coffee

Next, for coffee lovers, do you often brew Kapal Api Coffee? Yups, this product is also worldwide, guys. One of them you can find this product in Singapore, guys.

So, how are you guys? Do you think there are any Indonesian products that are worldwide besides the ones above? If you know, write in the comments column below here, okay?

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