8 Best Camera Apps on Android (Filters Abundant!)

The camera is one of the most important features in a smartphone. Well, if the smartphone you are using is not smartphone with the best camera, usually users will use an additional Android camera application.

In addition, there are also those who use photo editing applications, so that the resulting photos become better. Now, instead of using additional photo editing applications, it’s better if you just install the best camera applications on Android below!

Recommended Best Camera Apps on Android

The following applications are equipped with photo editing features, because there are many interesting features. So that the photos become cooler and funnier like using a funny photo editing application. Curious about what applications are there? Let’s see right away!

1. Cymera


Cymera App

Cymera is one of the camera applications that will make you more beautiful and handsome of course. This application is able to target the face to make it cleaner and clearer.

Other features of this application are Selfie Beauty, Filters (There are about 130 filters), there are 7 kinds of lenses, there are 9 collages or grids and there is also face detection to beautify the face.

Anyway, with this camera application, you no longer need an additional photo editing application. Because the features provided are also quite complete.

Name Cymera
Size 89MB
Rating on Play Store 4.6
Download Here

2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera

Candy Camera App

Candy Camera is a camera application that has many filters to make you more beautiful. Well, this application is able to take your selfie photos so that they are more beautiful anywhere and anytime.

The features contained in this application include filters, tools to beautify the face, various funny stickers and collages to make photo grids. Anyway, your photos will not be bad, the results are like failed photos from Instagram Stories.

Name Candy Camera
Size 31MB
Rating on Play Store 4.4
Download Here

3. Camera360


Camera360 App

Camera360 is one of the most popular Android camera apps. Yep! This application is able to change a person’s face to be more beautiful and also very handsome.

Camera360 can also be said to be one of the photo editing applications, guys. Because it has beautiful selfie camera features, photo editing, filters to beautify photos, funny stickers and also photo collages to make grids.

Name Camera360
Size 66MB
Rating on Play Store 4.4
Download Here

4. Z Camera

Z Camera

Z Camera App

Z Camera is one of the fastest camera applications that serves to take photos and videos. Well, the great thing about this Z Camera application is that it is able to take photos at night without fear of backlight and the result is dark.

The features in this application are also interesting guys, including beautiful filters that function to edit photos for the better. Well, in terms of video, this application also has an easy interface, guys.

In addition, this camera application has features: HDR to take photos in low light. So don’t be surprised if this application is suitable for shooting at night.

Name Z Camera
Size 55MB
Rating on Play Store 4.6
Download Here

5. Manual Camera

Camera Manual

Manual Camera App

Camera Manual is one of the Android camera applications such as DSLR. Because the feature that this camera has is that there is an ISO to adjust photos in low light.

In addition, there is a manual shutter speed feature. Now another additional feature is that the resulting image can be in RAW format. So, if you use this application it’s like using a DSLR camera, guys!

Name Camera Manual
Size 3.1MB
Rating on Play Store 4.4
Download Here

6. Camera MX

Camera MX

Camera MX App

Camera MX is one of the best autofocus Android camera apps, guys! Because this application has full resolution for all ratios and also has the quality of the photo format in JPEG.

If you use this camera app for video trimming, you won’t feel any loss of quality in the videos, guys! Oh yes, you can also activate the flash display for the front camera of the smartphone.

In addition, the application is capable of editing and managing images. You can also make GIFs from images in just 3 seconds, guys. Cool, right?

Name Camera MX
Size 17MB
Rating on Play Store 4.4
Download Here

7. Retrica


Retrica App

Retrica is one of the fastest, lightest and most modern camera apps. The advantage of this application is that there are no ads in it, guys, so it’s no longer complicated if you want to take photos.

In addition, this application includes CM Cloud for cloud computing data transfer, supports online photo album services, makes photos move in the form of GIFs, funny stickers and photo grid collages.

Name Retrica
Size 35MB
Rating on Play Store 4.4
Download Here




VSCO is one of the Android camera applications, even being one of the best photo editing applications on the iPhone. Yep! This application is quite popular, guys, because this application is able to create images like Tumblr-style, you know!

Apart from that, the app has pretty good filters. Well, you can also share photos on social media through this application too, guys. VSCO has had many creative and unique users around the world.

Size 49MB
Rating on Play Store 4.3
Download Here

So, how are you smart? Which Android camera app is your favourite?

Oh yeah, don’t forget if you have criticism and suggestions, you can write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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