7 Ways to Overcome a Slow HP on Xiaomi (Really Fast!)

Annoyed when your HP is slow? Immediately complete the problem by overcoming the slow cellphone on Xiaomi which we will discuss in the following article.


Mobile Xiaomi Slow

On a Xiaomi cellphone, you can do various things. One of which is hide apps.

In the following article, we will tell you the causes and how to solve a slow cellphone on Xiaomi.

Come on, let’s look at the article!

Causes of slow or slow Xiaomi cellphones!

Before you overcome the slowness of the Xiaomi cellphone that is used, you must first know what causes your Xiaomi cellphone to be slow.

Here are some possibilities that cause your Xiaomi cellphone to be slow or slow!

1. Using Old OS Version (Not Upgraded to New Version)


OS Upgrades

The version of Android often has the latest version upgrade, but most of us are lazy to upgrade the Android version to the latest version that has been provided.

Well, that’s one of the causes of the slow performance of your HP guys. So, it is highly recommended to immediately update or upgrade your Android version.

2. Installing applications that do not match the RAM capacity


Installing Apps That Don’t Match RAM

Sometimes, if we already like an application, we will immediately install or install the application on our cellphones, right guys.

But, you have to pay attention first whether the application is suitable or not with the RAM capacity on our cellphone.

Because, if the application does not match the RAM capacity on our cellphone, then the performance of our cellphone will be very slow or slow.

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3. Too Many Apps Installed


Too Many Apps

Usually, gamers will not be satisfied if they only install one gaming application on their cellphone.

So, most of them will install more than one gaming application.

In fact, this is one of the factors that makes your Xiaomi cellphone slow and slow when used.

So, from now on you have to save even more storage, guys. So, only install the apps you really need.

4. Inappropriate Use of Micro SD Class



In using Class Micro SD, you must also be able to adapt to the Android version on your Xiaomi cellphone, guys.

Because, if you use a Micro SD Class that is not compatible with the Xiaomi Android version, it will cause your cellphone to be very slow when used.

Well, the Micro SD Class that is most suitable for all versions of Xiaomi cellphones is Class 10.

How to solve a slow cellphone on Xiaomi

After knowing what causes the performance of your Xiaomi cellphone to be very slow, you must immediately address it before your cellphone hangs.

Well, here are some ways you can do to overcome a slow cellphone on your Xiaomi!

1. Removing Home Screen Widgets


Home Screen Widgets

Using too many Home Screen Widgets, can result in performance on our Xiaomi cellphones being very slow.

So, you should delete some widgets that are not important or you don’t use guys.

In addition to speeding up HP performance, removing the Home Screen Widget will also reduce your HP RAM storage.

2. Use Photo Wallpaper on Home Screen


Use Your Own Photo For Wallpaper

When we use Live Wallpaper, it will indeed make the Xiaomi cellphone look very cool and attractive.

But guys, this will actually make your Xiaomi cellphone very slow when used.

So, it is highly recommended to use your own photos on your cellphone wallpaper.

By using this method, you can also save battery power on Xiaomi cellphones.

3. Setting Synchronization In HP Settings


Sync Settings

The thing you have to do to speed up the performance of your Xiaomi cellphone is to set Synchronization in your HP Settings.

More details, as follows!

  • First, Open menu “Settings” on your Xiaomi cellphone. Then, scroll down and select “Sync”.

Go to ‘Settings’ select ‘Sync’

  • Second, Disable “Automatic data sync” by sliding the tool to the left. After that, select “Okay”.

Disable ‘Auto sync data’ and select ‘OK’

4. Use Only Necessary Apps


Install Apps As Necessary

The more applications installed, the more storage space will be used.

Not only that, guys, the number of applications installed will also cause our Xiaomi cellphone to be very slow.

So, it’s better for you to uninstall unnecessary applications or unused default applications.

5. Use the Clean Master App


Use the Clean Master App

The slowness that occurs in the performance of your Xiaomi cellphone can also be caused by too much HP garbage that has accumulated and not been cleaned.

We recommend that you install a junk cleaning application such as Clean Master. You can use several cleaners in the application.

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6. Use Paid Apps


Use Paid Apps

The free applications available on the Google Play Store are indeed very much in demand, even some of us would feel dissatisfied if we only installed one or two applications.

Well, this will actually cause our Xiaomi cellphone to be slow, guys. So, it would be better if you install or buy a paid application.

In addition to cooler quality, paid applications can also prevent slowdowns on your Xiaomi cellphone.

7. Use Freeze bloatware apps


Use Freeze bloatware apps

Especially for this one, you can only use it if your Xiaomi cellphone is rooted. You can get this application or download it on the Google Play Store.

One application that you can use is Link2SD.

So, how are you guys? How easy is it? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column yaaaaaaaa.

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