7 Tips to Be Good at Using Hero Akai in Mobile Legends

Akai is one of the most difficult tanker hero to turn off owned by Mobile Legends. This hero is also one of the heroes who have the most annoying ultimate skill.

This panda-shaped hero is always accompanied by his frog, he also brings bamboo to fight his enemies. Akai indeed a hero who is very troublesome for his enemies, because this hero has skills which powerful when confronted by the enemy.

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This is How to Be Good at Playing Akai in Mobile Legends

Well, for those of you who want to know how to use Akai GG in Mobile Legends. You can take a good look at this article, guys.

1. Use the Best Item Build

Best Item Build

Best Item Build

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Every hero in Mobile Legends does have the best build items that you must use so that the hero becomes more powerful. Then, you can make Akai become a hero that is difficult to kill.

Akai it is very reliable when you are doing war with your teammates. Now, Smart Tips has given you a recommended build item that you should use when you use Akai.