7 Tips to Be Good at Using Harley Heroes in Mobile Legends

Who does not know the hero mage who has this small body? Yep, he’s a Harley included heroes who are hard to catch by the enemy. In addition, Harley is also quite difficult to use.

Now, SmartTips.com will give you how to use a Harley so that you are good at using a Harley.

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Here are Tips for Using Harley Hero in Mobile Legends

Harley has damage overpower that can kill enemies easily. Instead of being curious, just take a look at the article below.

1. Use Harley’s Best Item Build

Harley's Best Items Build

Harley’s Best Items Build

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The first tip is to use Harley’s best items. Every hero must have the best items which will make the hero more powerful in carrying out attacks.

You must know very well in each item that you will use. Therefore SmartTips.com have recommended the best build items for Harley so that you are more proficient in using Harley heroes.


  • Build items depending on the enemy you will face. Don’t get hung up on the items we have recommended.

2. Use the Right Battle Spell

Using the Right Spell

Using the Right Spell

The next tip is to use the correct battle spell. Using the correct battle spell really helps the hero in farming and attacking enemies.

For that choose the right battle spell. Like Harley who is suitable for using battle spells Retribution. This spell will make Harley easily kill forest monsters so that they get levels faster.


  • If you are unreliable or don’t like to use the Retribution spell. You can also use the Flicker spell to move places.

3. Use the Right Emblem

The Right Emblem

The Right Emblem

The next tip is to use the correct emblem. The selection of the emblem is also very influential in every hero, including the Harley hero who has a mage type.

Every hero must have their own type such as Tanks, Assassins, Marksman, Fighter, Mage and Support. Like Harley, which has a mage type, so you have to use the Magic emblem.


  • For the selection of the emblem, it must match the type of hero you will use.

4. How to Use Harley Combo Skills

Harley Skill Combos

Harley Skill Combos

Well, these are the tips you should pay attention to when using hero Harley. You should be able to take advantage of moment to be able to use combo skills from Harley. For that you have to pay close attention.

First you have to use a skill Space Escape (skill 2) to approach the enemy which you can continue with the skill Deadly Magic (skill 3) to deal magic damage while reducing the enemy’s movement speed.

Next you can use skills Poker Tricks (skill 1) to deal magic damage as well as to kill enemies. It’s quite easy to use combos from this hero.

So when sorted it will be:

Skill 2 > Skill 3 > Skill 1


  • To use the combo skill of this hero varies depending on the situation. You can also use skill 3 first and then continue with skill 2 and then skill 1.

5. Tips for Using Harley Hero

For those of you who want to be even better at using Harley heroes. SmartTips.com will tell you how to use from hero Harley. So, take a good look at it.

1. Take advantage of Harley Skills

Utilizing Skill Poker Tricks

Utilizing Skill Poker Tricks

Every hero must have a skill that is very reliable whether it’s for farming, repaying the enemy’s blood or for killing enemies. Including this one hero, smart friend.

Yep, Harley has skills that you can use, namely skills Poker Tricks (skill 1) to reduce the enemy’s blood as well as to farm to get the best build item.


  • When using the Poker Tricks skill for farming or reducing enemy blood at the beginning of the game.

2. Taking Buff

Taking Buff

Taking Buff

Taking buffs is very beneficial for those who take them. Because it can reduce the cooldown of the skill and use less mana so you can use the skill more without fear of running out of mana.

Including for Harley heroes who require taking buffs to make it more painful to use their skills. For that, try to take a buff, smart friend.


  • The use of buffs can increase the cooldown of the Mage hero. Therefore it is suitable for spamming Poker Tricks skills.

3. Choose Solo Lane

Solo Lane

Solo Lane

In choosing the lane it must be right for some heroes. There are heroes who are required to go solo on the lane to quickly level up and become the key to victory in the team.

You can use Harley on a solo lane which is where to get a faster level. This hero is also quite difficult to kill even though he has to face 2 enemies in 1 lane.


  • Selecting a solo lane can level up faster than others.

6. Pay attention to Harley’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Harley Mobile Legends

Harley Mobile Legends

Each hero must have advantages and disadvantages that each player must pay attention to to be even better. Including this Harley hero, where you have to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages.

Harley Pros:

As a hero who has powerful strength, Harley has advantages that you can rely on, such as the following:

  • Harley has a combo skill that can kill enemies easily.
  • Harley is very difficult to catch, because it has skills Space Escape to escape or chase the enemy.
  • Has a skill that can make the enemy move slower so that the enemy can be killed with your friends.

Harley Weaknesses:

Not only the advantages SmartTips.com give. Harley also has weaknesses that you must know, such as the following:

  • This hero is quite difficult to use.
  • Harley has a little blood, so easily killed.
  • Waste of mana in every skill use.


  • To make you better at using Harley heroes, try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this hero.

7. Watch Live Streaming of Top Global Players

Watching Live Streaming

Watching Live Streaming

The last tip is to watch live streaming of every global player. Their cleverness in using heroes is unquestionable, surely you will be amazed by the way they play.

Including Harley heroes. There is a Top Global player from Indonesia, Athenas who you can watch live streaming so that you are even better at using Harley heroes.


  • You can see live streaming of Harley pro players via YouTube or from the Mobile Legends game itself.

Well, that’s him 7 Tips to Be Good at Using Harley Heroes in Mobile Legends. If you have any other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Share this article so that more people know.

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