7 Things You Must Avoid During War So You Don’t Wiped Out in Mobile Legends

Hello smart friends! Never when you’re war in Mobile Legends, your team even becomes wiped out and lose?

Surely this will make you angry, guys. Well, on this occasion we will tell you 7 things you must avoid when war in Mobile Legends.

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Don’t Want to be Wiped Out during War in Mobile Legends? Come on! Avoid These 7 Things

Well, for those of you who want to know what things you must avoid when war so as not to be wiped out in Mobile Legends. Come on! Just take a good look at this article, guys.

1. Not with the team

War Position

War Position

The first thing you must avoid is not being with the team. This will overwhelm your team and make team you lose in numbers.

Well then, you should stay together with team you so that when the war is in progress the match becomes comparable. Always with the team can also avoid you from enemy ambushes.

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2. Not Paying Attention to Hero’s Position

Do an Ambush

Pay attention to the Hero’s Position

The next thing that must be avoided is not paying attention to the position of your hero. This is very influential when you are doing war in Mobile Legends.

Because when the hero initiator you are afraid to open war, it will give rise to miss communication and your team has lost.

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3. Don’t be stingy with skills

Stingy Takes Out Skill

Stingy Takes Out Skill

The third thing you must avoid when war is not to be stingy with skills, this is very influential when we are doing war in Mobile Legends.

If you or one of team you are so stingy to take out skills then, most likely your team will experience defeat. Because those skill stingy people are just waiting for the blood of their dying enemies to kill them.

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4, Not Locking Important Hero

Pay attention to the position of war

Important Hero Key

The next thing is not to lock an important hero, never while you’re doing war there is a long-range hero who positions himself at the back and the hero has pretty sick damage.

Well, you have to lock or attack the hero first. That way you will not experience defeat because you have killed an important hero from the opposite party.

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5. Not Protecting Important Hero

Protecting Important Hero

Things to avoid when war The next thing is not to protect an important hero in team you. Protecting important heroes in the team is indeed very mandatory when you are doing war.

With this important hero you can win war easily. However, if you don’t protect this important hero, you will automatically experience defeat.

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6. Ambitious to Kill

Ambition to Kill

Ambition to Kill

Things that must be avoided when war in order not to wiped out in the next Mobile Legends is the ambition to kill. This is something that must be considered by team you.

The reason is, if one of your friends is too ambitious to do it skills. Of course, the enemy team will not hesitate to counterattack your friends who have the ambition to kill.

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7. Not Using Combination Skills

Combination Attack

Combination Attack

The last thing that must be avoided is not using skills combination. This is also very influential for your team, because if you issue skills carelessly, then the effect of these skills will not be too much powerful.

Well, combination skills you can make the hero you use more powerful when you complete it with best build items of the hero.

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Well, that’s 7 things that must be avoided so as not to wiped out during war in Mobile Legends. If you have criticism and suggestions you can write in the comments column below.

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