7 Reasons Why Zoom Is Better Than Google Meet

The Government’s announcement about PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) to stop the spread of Covid-19 forced the public to stay at home.

However, the need for face-to-face work, meetings and friendships is still a must.

as a result application video call become a necessity during the PSBB period as it is today.

There are two applications that are currently popular, namely: Zoom and Google Meet. Both have their respective advantages.

But overall Zoom is superior to Google Meet. Curious why Zoom is superior to Google Meet? Read this article until it’s finished!

Reasons Zoom is superior to Google Meet

Indeed, these two conference applications are very popular during the PSBB as it is today. And both applications have their respective advantages. However, it turns out that overall Zoom is still superior to Google Meet.

Well, this time Smart Tips will tell you! what are the advantages of the Zoom application compared to Google meet. Let’s listen to the end!

1. Can Conduct Conferences of Up to 500 People in One Meeting

One of the facts that Zoom is superior to Google Meet is that Zoom is able to hold meetings of up to 500 people.

Google Meet only limits 250 people per call for business plans. As for the Zoom Business package, Zoom offers up to 300 people in one call.

If it’s still lacking, Zoom still provides a Zoom Enterprise package that can reach 500 people on call. Which is 2 times more than Google Meet offers.

In addition to these offers, another advantage of this Zoom application is the easy way to use Zoom for users.

2. Have Automatic Transcripts For Recorded Calls

Actually, both Google Meet and Zoom applications both allow to record calls made.

However, Zoom is still one step ahead compared to Google Meet because Zoom has an automatic transcript feature.

This feature is only available on Zoom Business and Enterprise packages. Users of this package will receive an automatic transcript of the recordings stored on the cloud.

Of course, this feature is very useful for people/users who want to have notes about the meetings that were held.

3. You can change the appearance of the background at will

The ability to change the appearance of the background in the Zoo is also an advantage.

Zoom allows users to be able to change the appearance of the background according to the user’s wishes, whether the background is mountains, sea or any costume photo.

Although this feature does not really affect the call. However, this feature is quite helpful for people who want to still look neat even though the room feels unsightly.

4. Better Email Integration

Both free and paid Zoom users all have full integration for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 and more.

Although Google Meet recently also offered the same for integration into Gmail. But this is what Zoom has been offering for a long time.

5. Customizable URLs as you wish

When you make a call on Google Meet, you will get a random call link that others can click on to join your call. But this looks less professional and less simple.

This URL customization feature can already be done by Zoom with a minimum of using the Zoom Bussines package. You can customize the URL as you wish.

6. Company Branding

Still related to the customization features offered by Zoom. On the first page where another user wants to join the call, the user can add a company custom appeal.

Although things like this don’t seem to have much effect on the calling feature. However, if a company wants to hold a meeting with a client, this is an additional point that Zoom offers compared to Google Meet.

7. Complete Features at a Reasonable Price

Zoom is one of the most expensive video conferencing apps out there, especially for Business and Enterprise plans. On the other hand, Google Meet offers it for free.

But if we look at the complete features offered by Zoom, the price is a reasonable price. When compared to other applications that offer the same service.

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So, those are some of the reasons why the Zoom application is still superior to the Google Meet application, which has successfully summarized Smart Tips. What do you think? Write in the comments column yes!

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