7 Reasons PUBG is Becoming a Popular Game More Worth Playing!

When it comes to a broader perspective on an industry Games, PlayerUnknown’s battlefields or generally abbreviated to PUBG, is not a Games that’s “wow” like when it was launched two years ago.

But if we compare PUBG by title Games others with the same genre as Fourteen days or Apex legends, Fan base PUBG he’s still alive and fine, which means no longer being number one doesn’t mean millions of dollars have stopped flowing.

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2019 was a big year for Games made by PUBG Corporation, where there are lots of new things that definitely make it even more worthy to be played and still loved by fans Fans. Here are 7 reasons people!

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Update Anti Cheats

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PUBG be a Games which is popular internationally, which means Games it is flooded with many players from Russia and China, where cheats or users cheats seem to be more common for a number of reasons.

Of course everyone cheats in Games how PUBG those with competitive and serious mechanics can be a big problem.

One of the measures taken by the developer is the consistent provision of Update into the system Anti cheats She. Now it’s really a lot software Anti cheats new that they have implemented in Games to reduce fraud as much as possible.

rule Anti-grief

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This isn’t exactly a new feature, but some new guidelines are being implemented to improve the gaming experience PUBG overall better.

Much needed moderation has arrived PUBGfollowed by announcements from developers confirming what can and cannot be done, including things like Teamkill.

In theory, that could do a lot player Look at developers Games “arrogant” but we need to know that the prohibition policy is very important for PUBG to make sure everything is stable and balanced.

Variant card

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One aspect that PUBG The many variations of the playing card are always interesting to play. In the past few years, developers have Games This has introduced several new maps with variations on the size, shape of the environment and. are sufficient Style of play. There is even a fashion education for each card.

PUBG For free

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This can probably at the same time be called one of the biggest attractions that can increase the number of players PUBG still stable. PUBG is Games which requires a fairly large PC spec to run optimally and smoothly.

The version is much lighter and of course that’s good news for gamers PUBG who only have pc below Specifications Average aka PC Potato.

Interesting survival fun

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When PUBG started, game income source Outside sales Copy Games itself is from Loot box. And unfortunately the result of Loot box not really what the publisher expected, so they couldn’t help but plagiarize the idea Battle pass popularized by Fourteen days.

Survival fun is a restricted feature available to players reward according to the level and challenge that they have completed. Even you can Products free where you have the option to make it permanent if you pay for it in advance season End.

Defending champion

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The ranking system is indeed difficult to implement in a company Games genre Battle Royale, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to implement. One of the new features PUBG What name is Survival title has a system-like function Leaderboardwhere, depending on your skill level, you have the opportunity to get (even lose) certain titles.

sound realistic

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Sound is the most important part in Games PUBG, because the sounds of other players can be very important information for our safety.

Over time, the developer has updated aspects of the game and is no exception to make the sound even more realistic. Now characters can make sounds based on equipment, the point is that walking around with less baggage could potentially make our survival easier.

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