7 reasons PS4 is better than Xbox One

Learning from mistakes in PS3 development, Sony has succeeded in developing the PS4 a console most popular in the world.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment itself also stated that the PS4 has sold more than 88 million units worldwide.

This number results from the sales data up to the end of November 2022. These sales figures are well above the competitor Xbox One, which sold 40 million units at the end of 2022.

Then what’s the reason PS4 can sell so much and dominate the era? Game console defeat the eighth generation of the “Greens” by a landslide?

Here are seven reasons that make PS4 better than Xbox One.

Subscribe to Games free with PS Plus

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service of the PlayStation Network. You have to pay 50 US dollars or around 750,000 Rp. For a year to enjoy free games and other functions such as. to obtain Online multiplayer, free games, and Exclusive discounts.

Expensive? Don’t worry, Sony has a choice region for PS4 (six in total) region), which enables you to receive game prizes according to the currency of that country. For example, Indonesia is in Region 3 (Southeast Asia) and the PS Plus price is Rp 350,000.

PlayStation Plus offers six free games each month (two each on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita). Unfortunately, not all game titles for PS3 and PS Vita are available on PS4 and that service was discontinued in May 2022.

Virtual game world with PSVR

For business Peripherals, PS4 had a PSVR when it launched that allows you to play games through your device virtual reality as if you were in the game world.

Interestingly, PSVR has functions social screen which shows the game from your virtual reality screen straight to the TV so your friends can see what you are playing.

Some PSVR games that you can play are Ghost Giant, Space Junkies, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Beat Saber, Déraciné, ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission, and much more. In Indonesia, PSVR itself costs 5 million.

With the development of game development tools and IT infrastructure, virtual reality is considered to be one of the future worlds of the gaming industry.

Various entertainment application services

PS4 has many entertainment application services like PlayStation Vue for services Streaming TV with your favorite sports, news, movies and shows. You can also watch the live TV broadcast on PS4. Some require additional fees.

Then there is PlayStation Now, which gives you unlimited access to Games library PlayStation with over 650 games on PS4, PS3 and PS2. You only have to subscribe for one year to enjoy all of the content. PS Now offers you the option of a 7-day free trial.

Next up is PlayStation Video, which lets you watch new movies without having to wait. Last but not least, PlayStation Music, which has a lot to offer Playlists Music from Spotify to accompany your days.

Moment share function Games best pass share

Share the best gaming moments on PS4 with friends online Real time with the Share Play function. You can easily share it directly on social media like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

This convenience is also available via the share button. provided Regulator DualShock PS4 for instant sharing Screenshots or Game videos.

The PS4 main menu display designed user friendly It also makes it easier for players who just bought a PS4 to customize it quickly.

Debut of a better graphics technology

There’s no denying that when the PS4 first appeared, it offered a better graphic display than its competitor Xbox One X. There are indeed some Games which sometimes runs with the same performance, but is never below its competitors.

But compared to many Games which Originally can be played up to 1080p max, PS4 deserves a thumbs up as it dominates the market compared to Xbox One (post before Xbox One X release).

Both use AMD Radeon GPUs, PS4 is superior as it has 1152. Has skills Stream processor with 800 MHz and 1.84 TeraFlops. Even the PS4 Pro can play games up to 4K.

See difference table Games Here.

Specialty Streaming Games with remote play

Tired of playing Games on PS4 in the living room or bedroom? With Remote Play you can play without having to sit in front of the TV screen.

Remote Play lets you play Games on PS4 remotely. You can do Streaming PS4 games on computers running Windows or Mac even PS Vita.

You can do it too Streaming to another TV as long as a PlayStation TV is connected to it.

Games exclusive with good quality

Last but not least, of course, the ultimate part of the PS4 that its competitors have so far not been able to match, namely exclusive games.

Just take a look at the series Games PS4 exclusive that can trick players into playing it over and over God of War Bloodborne The Last of Us Uncharted Horizon Zero Dawn Days Gone Ghost of Tsushima Marvel’s Spider-Man and much more.

One of the reasons why Games PS4 exclusive, that’s how you remember everything Gamesit has a groove plot strong and have a close emotional bond with the players.

Call it the story of Joel going on a world adventure Post apocalyptic together with the beautiful teenage girl Ellie. Or Kratos’ journey into the Norse mythological world of Midgard with his son Atreus.

These are some of the reasons PS4 is better than Xbox One. by the way, you have a PS4 too, right?

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