7 Reasons Farming is the Most Important Thing in Mobile Legends

When you are playing Mobile Legends, you must have your own game type or characteristics. Like Farming first or want to be solo alias alone on the lane.

But it all depends on the hero, right? Well, when your friend is farming. Don’t be scolded first, because farming is an important thing when playing Mobile Legends.

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Here it is, Why Farming is Important

Indeed, seeing our friends farming sometimes makes us a little annoyed because they don’t want to help us. But there’s a reason for that. Instead of being curious, just take a look below.

1. Level Up Faster

Gaining Levels Faster

Gaining Levels Faster

The first thing is that your level is faster. By killing monsters you will get more XP, even more so if you kill buff monsters.

You have to use this properly. Because, leveling up means your skills are also up and will be even more powerful when used.

So don’t waste farming. Especially if you use hero assassin which is required to farm at the beginning of the game.

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2. Get Items Faster

Getting Items Faster

Getting Items Faster

The next thing is to get items faster. Killing forest monsters will definitely get gold too. Unlike the gold obtained by killing minions.

By getting items faster than the enemy. You can be feared by the enemy or you can also do savage.

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3. Make Attacks More Powerful (Monster Buff)

Killing Forest Monsters

Killing Forest Monsters

The next thing is to get a more powerful attack. If you have killed a buff monster, you will get a buff.

However, the buff will provide additional attacks so that your attacks are sicker or more powerful than your enemies.

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4. Could be the key to victory

Team Win Key

Team Win Key

The next thing is that it can be the key to the team’s victory. Frequent farming aka killing forest monsters will definitely get levels and gold faster than on the lane.

Well, you should be able to take advantage of moments like this. Because the enemy will be far behind both the level and the items you have got.

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5. Enemies Can Lose Level (Can Steal Monsters / Enemy Buffs)

Stealing Enemy Monsters

Stealing Enemy Monsters

The next thing is that the enemy can fall out of level with you who like farming. Indeed, farming will get more XP than on the lane, especially monster buffs.

Killing buff monsters in the early minutes, you will get an immediate level different from ordinary monsters.

For that, try also stealing buff monsters or regular monsters in enemy areas. So that the enemy cannot farm and will fall out of level with you.

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6. Get Additional Blood/Mana (If You Already Have Lifesteal Items)

Getting Blood

Getting Blood

The next thing is to get blood or mana. The advantage of killing forest monsters is getting blood and mana.

Although a little you will get but it is very helpful. Especially if you already have a lifesteal item that can add blood when doing physical attacks or using skills.

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7. Get Build Items Faster

Getting Build Items

Getting Build Items

The last thing is to get the best build items faster than your friends or enemies. This is very helpful when you start farming.

Killing forest monsters will indeed get gold, especially if you kill all forest monsters, you will definitely get a lot of gold.

Well, when you get a lot of gold. You quickly get the best items from the hero you are currently using.


  • Don’t kill forest monsters too often, pay attention to the turret and empty lane.
  • Try to help a friend who is in trouble.
  • Don’t fight jungle monsters with friends.

Well, that’s him 7 The Reason Farming Is the Most Important Thing in Mobile Legends. If you have any other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Share this article so that more people know.

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