7 Most Good Mobile Legends Heroes Escape When in ambush

Hello smart friends! Previously SmartTips.com have reviewed a few Mobile Legends hero who has the skill to escape.

Well, this time we will discuss heroes very good at escaping from enemy ambushes. Is one of them hero your favourite?

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To catch this hero might be quite difficult, guys!

Than you are curious hero Anything that if ambushed can escape, let’s just read the following article. Checkidot..

1. Fanny

Fanny - Hero Mobile Legends

Fanny – Saints Indo’s Favorite Hero

In the first order there is Assassin heroes woman is Fanny. Yep, as we know Fanny included in a hero that is quite difficult to catch.

So don’t be surprised hero It’s easy to escape when ambushed by enemies. Use skills Steel Cable hers, she easily swings from wall to wall.

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2. Lancelot

Lancelot - Hero Mobile Legends

Lancelot – Hero Mobile Legends

Next up is Lancelot. lover of Odette this is indeed very skilled when escaping from enemy ambushes. Lancelot very agile and quite difficult when you want to chase him.

Use skills which he has, hero this can escape easily without being blocked by the enemy. Wow, hero which is very lively!

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3. Bruno

Bruno - Hero Mobile Legends

Bruno – Hero Mobile Legends

Well, in the next order there is Marksman heroes that is Bruno. Football players who are in Mobile Legends this is indeed quite agile, guys.

Use skills Flying Tackle, Bruno can escape the enemy’s ambush. Even skills it is able to make the enemy affected stun.

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4. Harley

Harley - Hero Mobile Legends

Harley – Hero Mobile Legends

In fourth place is Mage heroes lively that is Harley. This genius mage is indeed talented in escaping.

Utilise skills Space Escape, Harley is able to run from enemy ambush. Even tricking them is quite easy.

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5. Miya

Miya - Hero Mobile Legends

Miya – Hero Mobile Legends

Next there is hero Marksman quite a beautiful woman, that is Miya. Besides having damage which is quite large, Miya also has skills to escape from enemy attacks.

Name skills what he has is Turbo Stealth. With skills that, Miya will disappear and get extra movement speed. So the enemy will be difficult to track his whereabouts.

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6. Karina

Karina - Hero Mobile Legends

Karina – Hero Mobile Legends

In sixth place is Karina. Karina is hero Assassin which has damage big enough as well movement speed quite agile. So don’t be surprised hero It is able to run away from enemy ambushes with ease.

For this, Karina usually uses skills Elusiveness. The skill made him immune to basic attack belonging to the enemy while raising movement speed hers.

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7. Kagura

Kagura - Hero Mobile Legends

Kagura – Hero Mobile Legends

Last one hero Mage the prettiest is Kagura. This one hero does have damage which is high and is included in the hero which is hard to catch.

Not suprisingly hero this will easily escape from enemy ambush. Depend on skills his, he could easily get away with it.

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Well, that’s heroes in Mobile Legends which easily escapes the enemy’s ambush. Are any of them hero your favourite?

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