7 Most Expensive PUBG Mobile Skins, Check Here!

PUBG's Most Expensive Skins

PUBG’s Most Expensive Skins – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or often called PUBG is one of the most popular and best games of this century. Based on the play store page, the number of installs for this PUBG application has reached more than 100 million. Not to mention the addition of other application provider applications, of course the number of PUBG applications installed is even more.

For those of you who are reading this article, we make sure that they are players or people who play the PUBG game. If that’s the case, then it’s very right that you are on the Gercepway.com site. Because on this good occasion we will share an important review about this game that is on the rise.

As a PUBG Mobile game player, of course you feel curious and also curious about the most expensive PUBG Skin. One of you must have tried to buy or use one of the most expensive skins, which we will describe below.

However, we are sure that there are still many players who haven’t tried it yet PUBG’s Most Expensive Skins. For that, before you try or maybe you have tried it, make sure you also have to know which one you have or will use the most expensive skin.

This is PUBG Mobile’s most expensive skin

There are at least 7 PUBG Mobile skins which in our opinion are the most expensive skins ever. Of course, the more expensive the skin, the better the quality. The cheaper it is, the worse the quality will be. So far, we think you understand enough

The seven PUBG skins include Firun Emas X-Suit, M416 The Fool, M416 Glacier, M416 Call of Nature, M16A4 Blood & Bones, AKM Glacier, and also AWM Field Commander. This is a row of expensive PUBG skins that you need and must know.

Maybe for those of you who are also diligent in doing research about the PUBG game, there is another list regarding the list of expensive PUBG skis. If you have data, please write it in the comments column. What we convey is data from our research

The Most Expensive PUBG Skin Price List

Well, now if you already know the names of the PUBG Mobile skins that are included in the row of the most expensive skins. Then next you also have to know the price list of each skin. This is important for you to know as your consideration for buying skins in the future or discussing discussions with fellow game users

  1. Pharaoh Gold X-Suit, price 32 million
  2. M416 The Fool, price 15 million
  3. M416 Glacier, hara 13 million
  4. M416 Call of Nature, price 13 million
  5. M16A4 Blood & Bones, price 12 million
  6. AKM Glacier, price 12 million
  7. AWM Field Commander, price 10 million

That’s a row of expensive PUBG skins that you can try if you have a lot of money. for those of you who don’t have a lot of money, it’s a good idea to try the cheapest skin first. Don’t be too pushy if you don’t have much money.

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The final word

For those who actively play the PUBG Mobile game and have a lot of money, the price list of the skins above is not a problem and is classified as very cheap or economical. However, for those of you who rarely play this game, you will certainly feel that the price is expensive.

If that’s all we can convey and also explain to you. I hope that you will listen carefully to the reviews about PUBG’s Most Expensive Skins We hope that you will act wisely after reading it. Bye and see you again.

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