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Check whether the Smartphone Warranty is Official or Not

If you’ve seen posts on social media or on the marketplace, of course you’ll see there’s a warranty statement, right. That warranty will determine how you will repair your phone in the future.

Distributor warranty means you have to claim warranty directly to the country of origin, official warranty means you can claim warranty at the nearest authorized service center in Indonesia.

Make sure the cellphone seller can be trusted

Don't be fooled into buying a smartphone

Nowadays, my friend can buy a smartphone from anyone who sells it. It can be from the marketplace, from groups, or directly from other people. Make sure they you can trust, have a very good reputation. And try not to transfer directly to the seller, if there is no guarantee that the item will reach you.

Determine how the goods arrive at hand

7 Important Tips Before Buying a Smartphone

If you buy in the marketplace, choose the fastest delivery, and ask the seller to add extra bubblewrap and cardboard to make it more secure. If you are out of town, it is better to add wooden packing. If COD, determine the most crowded place, invite your friends or family, and make sure the condition of the goods is in place before paying.

How are the tips? Mobileague friends? If you have any questions or additional tips, please comment below! Read other interesting articles here

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