7 Hero Mobile Legends Required Solo Lane when Ranked

Hello smart friends! Have you ever played Mobile Legends, there are players who ask for a formation where one lane is occupied by only one hero. Well, with that formation means team you will steal turtle advance or make an ambush.

On this occasion we will discuss the heroes who are required to be solo lane when ranked. For those of you who are curious about these heroes, just scroll down, guys!

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Absolutely Mandatory! 7 Solo Lane Heroes When Ranked in Mobile Legends

For those of you who don’t know what heroes are required solo lane medium time ranked. Come on! Please read this article carefully so that you are not told noob player when using the hero.

1. Lancelot

Lancelot - Hero Mobile Legends

Lancelot – Hero Mobile Legends

The first hero required solo lane is Lancelot, this hero is often known as Mobile Legends hero who is really good at escaping. Besides being known to be agile, this hero also has several skills which is highly respected by other Mobile Legends players.

Lancelot can easily kill the enemy even if you haven’t got it build items the best. Because this hero relies on skill 2 (Thorned Rose) which will attack in an area forming a triangle and attack 3 times.

Therefore, this hero is really required solo lane. Besides Lancelot have skills which powerful when you don’t get build items best of all, Lancelot can also escape easily when the enemy will try to ambush this hero.

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2. Zilong

Zilong - Hero Mobile Legends

Zilong – Hero Mobile Legends

The next hero is Zilong, the strongest fighter hero in Mobile Legends this is indeed one of the heroes who are required to do this solo lane. The reason is, this hero has attack speed which is fast enough to do push on lane.

With his abilities, Mobile Legends players will rely on this hero to destroy the tower quickly. Zilong is also one the best early game heroes in Mobile Legends, because Zilong relies heavily on skill 3 (Supreme Warrior) which will increase the movement speed and attack speed of this one hero.

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3. Fanny

Fanny - Hero Mobile Legends

Fanny – Saints Indo’s Favorite Hero

The next hero that must be solo lane is Fanny, this hero is one of the Mobile Legends hero who is really good at escaping. Fanny is indeed known as an agile hero and is very difficult to kill.

Fanny can kill the enemy by using a combo skills Steel Cable which can move between rocks in a short time. Not only that, Fanny is also a the easiest hero to get savage when the enemy ambushes in an area surrounded by rocks.

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4. Zhask

Zhask - Hero Mobile Legends

Zhask – Hero Mobile Legends

Zhask is a Mobile Legends hero who is required to be solo lane, this hero itself has 4 active skills that you can use to win your fight on the lane.

Zhask can count on skill 1 (Nightmaric Inception), this skill will issue Nightmaric Spawn (little monster) which can attack enemies in the immediate area. Well, that way every lane occupied by Zhask will be safe from enemy attacks.

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5. Argus

Argus - Hero Mobile Legends

Argus – Hero Mobile Legends

The next hero is Argus, fighter heroes this is one of the heroes IMBA owned by Mobile Legends. Argus does have skills which his enemies feared enough when they confronted him.

Skills the most reliable on this hero is Eternal Evil, ultimate skill Argus which can regenerate blood. That skill is suitable for you to use when you’re doing war, but you can also rely on this skill when you are solo lane. That way you can strike back at the enemy without having to be afraid of running out of blood.

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6. Roger

Roger - Hero Mobile Legends

Roger – Hero Mobile Legends

The sixth position is strongest fighter hero in Mobile Legends, namely Roger. This one hero is also a hero IMBA owned by Mobile Legends. Roger can turn himself into a wolf and has skills different when he became a human.

Same as Zilong, Roger also very reliable to destroy towers quickly. Because Roger have attack speed which you cannot take lightly, especially if this hero is equipped with best build items. Certainly, the enemy against one lane with him will think twice about fighting him.

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7. Pharsa

Pharsa - Hero Mobile Legends

Pharsa – Hero Mobile Legends

Required heroes solo lane the last one is Pharsa, this hero is also included in list the hero with the most annoying ultimate skill. By having ultimate skill like that, it’s only natural that Pharsa becomes the most targeted hero by his enemies.

You can rely on skill 3 (Feathered Air Strike), skills This will drop a meteorite from the air into the area you have specified. With this skill, making Pharsa be safe when doing solo ranked.

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Well, those are the 7 heroes that are required to be solo lane at the time of the ranked version Smart Tips. If you have criticism or other suggestions, you can write them in the comments column below.

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