7 Best and Most Complete Movie Subtitle Download Sites

Surely you often fill your spare time by watching movies using movie watching app? If you do it often, surely you’ve also come across foreign films that don’t have Indonesian subtitles or don’t appear.

Well, if the subtitles don’t appear, you can see how to display movie subtitles on this Android. So what if the subtitles are missing? Don’t worry, all you have to do is search on this movie subtitle download site. Curious what sites are there? If so, just take a peek!

Missing Subtitles? Download Subtitles on This Site Only!

Well, this time SmartTips.com would recommend an Indonesian subtitle download site. So, watch carefully, guys..

1. OpenSubtitles


OpenSubtitles site

Who has downloaded a romantic Korean movie, but the subtitles don’t even exist? If not, you can download it at OpenSubtitles don’t worry guys.

Why? Because, this site turns out to be faster to update than the others. Moreover, the appearance of this movie download site is so simple and simple. So it doesn’t make it difficult for you to find subtitles for a film.

The language provided on this site is also quite complete, you can download subtitle files in Indonesian, English, Arabic, Chinese, Brazilian, French and so on.

2. ISubtitles


ISubtitles Situs site

The third Indonesian subtitle download site is ISubtitles. For those of you who like to watch movies using a movie watching application but the subtitles don’t appear, you can really download it on this site.

Because, this site provides Indonesian subtitle downloads. In addition to Indonesian subtitles, you can also download English, French, Arabic subtitles and so on.

Well, in this way, you are more comfortable watching action films without having to be confused, there are no subtitles.

3. MovieSubtitles


MovieSubtitles Situs site

The fourth movie download site is MovieSubtitles. Who often looks for Indonesian subtitles? Well, you can, guys, visit the Indonesian subtitle download site here.

This site has a very simple interface but the subtitle database is quite complete. Moreover, this site is also light so you don’t need to linger to download movie subtitles through this MovieSubtitles site.

4. Island Fansubs

Island Fansubs

Island Fansubs Situs site

Who is it that has downloaded a movie on CinemaIndo but the subtitles are gone? If there is, it’s better if you download the subtitles at Island Fansubs. It sounds quite foreign, but this site provides various kinds of movie subtitles, through this site you can easily download Indonesian subtitles.

Especially for those of you who often watch Korean dramas. Well, you can easily find Indonesian subtitles through this subtitle download site.

5. Pondnapisi


Pondnapisi site

Well, for those of you who have downloaded movies on IndoXXI but the subtitles are ridiculous, it’s better to just change it and look for it on the site. Pondnapisi. Yups, this site provides Indonesian subtitles for foreign films, guys. Not only are there subtitles for movies, there are also subtitles for TV Series and Mini Series.

How to download subtitles through this site is also very easy, you just need to find the movie you want to download subtitles for, then select the country and click the ‘Download’ button.

6. Subscene.co.in


Subscene.co.in Situs site

Surely you’ve downloaded movies on LK21 but the subtitles aren’t there. If not, don’t worry guys! You can download it at Subscene.co.in. The naming of this site is almost similar to the Subscene site which has been blocked, only the use of the domain is different.

Well, through this site you can easily find and download subtitles. Especially for the latest film that has just been released. Not only for movies, there are also subtitles for TV Shows.

How to download through this site is quite easy, just search for the movie you want to download the subtitle for, then download it click ‘Download Subtitles’ button.

7. Subtitles.hr


Subtitles.hr . site

The next site to download Indonesian subtitles is Subtitles.hr. The appearance of this site is indeed confusing. Because, the available movie subtitles are alphabetically.

Well, to download it was a little difficult. Because, you have to find the film first, then look for the part that has Indonesian subtitles. If there is you stay click just link download-his.

So, how are you smart? You already know the Indonesian subtitle download site that can download Indonesian subtitles. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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