6 Ways to Get Border Avatar in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is games MOBA the best selling at the moment. Of course you play games MOBA 5 vs 5 this too right?

Have you ever seen a friend? Mobile Legends use avatar border to beautify the view avatar-his? Of course you want it too. But how the hell how to get borders/frame avatar the?

This is How to Get Avatar Border/Frame in Mobile Legends

Well, this time SmartTips.com will review how to get borders/frame avatar in Mobile Legends. Let’s look at this article carefully.

1. Reach the Legend or Mythic Division

Reach the Legend or Mythic Divisi Division

Reach the Legend or Mythic Divisi Division

The first way you can do to get a frame avatar is to reach division Legend or Mythic.

And to reach this division is not easy, guys. You have to fight to reach the minimum division Legend to get Legend Avatars Border.

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2. Buy Starlight Member

Buy Starlight Member

Buy Starlight Member

Another way to get avatar border Mobile Legends is to buy Starlight Members. Besides you get skin permanently exclusive, you can also get avatar borders.

However avatar border obtained from Starlight Member only applies 30 days or until the time Starlight Member finished. Besides borders and skin exclusive, you will also get other rewards by buying Starlight Member.

3. Send Gifts while Watching Live Streaming

Send a Gift while Watching Live

Send a Gift while Watching Live

The third way you can do to get a frame avatar is to send gift to someone who is doing live streaming in the games.

You can get various kinds of frames such as Border Top Fan which you can get by sending gift Airplane, Border Big Fan if you send gift Yacht, or Border Fan Main if you send Roadster.

4. Reach Top Global Squad

Squad Reach Top Global Squad

Top Global Squad

The next way to get avatar border is to make squad you reach Top Global Squad.

The way to achieve it is by gathering strength squad, which is obtained from playing together 5 members squad as much 20 times in ranked games.

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5. Get Skin Legend

Get Legend Skins

Get Legend Skins

Currently, there is only 2 skin Legend which exist in Mobile Legends. That is Saber with CodenameStorm and Modena Butterfly owned by Miya. Each of skin it also gives avatar border different.

How to get skin that is by using Magic Crystal. And to get Magic Crystal, you have to do spin in Magic Wheel until Magic Points reached 100.

6. Completing Certain Events

Complete Event

Complete Event

The last way to get borders avatar is by completing event quests certain. As we know, there are various kinds events in Mobile Legends that allows you to win avatar border exclusive events.

As events MSC yesterday’s prize Border MSC Avatars, events Summer Party the prize Avatar Borders Summer, and events which just ended is Halloween the prize Trick Avatar Frames Master.

So those are some ways to get borders or frame avatar in games Mobile Legends Bang bang. If you have suggestions or opinions, please fill in the comments column yes. Like and share this article so that you #AlwaysMoreKnow

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