6 fasting games with challenging co-op features

Play this month of fasting Games can be a solution to spend a little time or just to do refreshing. Especially in the middle of a pandemic like this when our movements are completely restricted Games can be the best solution when fasting.

Usually people play Games and spend time playing games Games to fill the waiting time for iftar, or as we call it, ngabuburit. Unfortunately messing around while playing Single player game as if something is missing compared to playing Multiplayer games or cooperative.

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Games cooperative in fact, having fun is the main selling point and you can play a range of games Co-op games Dive. Gimbot has recommendations Co-op games most fun to play while ngabuburit.

But unfortunately, Games cooperative that is very demanding. The question is, can you keep your emotions and lust for gaming during this month of fasting? Here is the full review!

1. Cooked series

Co-op function

Games cooperative is the most demanding and exciting accompaniment of Ngabuburit Cooked series. Either it is Overcooked first or second, all equally demanding. What makes it challenging? You are forced to cooperate and coordinate to serve the food you have ordered.

In Games here you play as a cook who is responsible for preparing the food as accurately and quickly as possible. It is this coordination that is very difficult and quite a few are ultimately emotional when playing Games the.

Intensity and accuracy is a challenge for you. Maybe you want to feel the heat of a professional restaurant kitchen? Overcooked can describe it a little.

2. Demon’s Souls Remastered

Co-op function

Demon’s Souls Remastered is one of Games the latest released exclusively for the PlayStation. Like the original version, Games This has a very unusual degree of difficulty. Of course because Games It was created by FromSoftware which is known for its service Games with an inhumane level of difficulty.

However Demon’s Souls Remastered it has a method cooperative which is unique where you can seek the help of others to ease your steps in this difficult world. Unfortunately, asking for help doesn’t make your steps easier.

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If you ask for help, player cannot die and must survive. Also, asking for help during a boss fight increases the boss’s overall HP! It’s not that easy, is it?

3. Leftover: From the ashes

Leftover: From the ashes is one of the Games which is pretty similar Dark souls but of course with its own uniqueness. One of the nice features of Games these are more expressive characters, weapons that have a real feel, and of course Co-op gameplay that can be played from the start.

Talk about it cooperative, Plays Games This is cooperative will give a bonus for teamwork later. That’s where it turned out Leftover: From the ashes not Games cooperative which is easy to solve. There are several challenges that you must overcome.

4th Don’t starve together

Don’t starve together is one of the Games which is quite long because it was first released in 2022. Games this is still an option for those of you interested in playing Games cooperative with great challenges.

Here you have to survive and manage the resources available. Even if you play it with friends Games this shows no sign of lightness. What is worse, if you fail, you have to repeat all the progress from the beginning.

happily Games it offers balance where is para player What is left can bring you back to life.


GTFO is Co-op survival horror game developed by developer Sweden, 10 chambers collective, Games It focuses on your quest to investigate the cruel caves. Games this is very difficult and if you play it you can be forced start anew repeats until the mission is completed.

The biggest challenge is Games It has a number of monsters whose attacks are very intense and brutal. Apart from the cooperation, Skills every single one has to be good too. Because if you can’t play well, you keep dying, and that can trigger emotions.

6th Cup head

Cup head is one of the Games known to be difficult and challenging. Even when importing cooperative, Games it also presents things that are extraordinarily difficult. In Games In this you have to cooperate in battle and survive the attacks of brutal enemies.

These brutal enemies can get you into trouble. The further you progress, the harder the enemy becomes. Due to the extraordinary degree of difficulty, it’s no wonder the attraction Cup head survived to this day.

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