6 Characteristics of an Android Smartphone Infected with Viruses

Viruses on smartphones are indeed very disturbing smartphone performance as well as disrupting our activities. Viruses that attack your smartphone come from various sources.

For example, you carelesslydownload application, use WIFI free and many others. Well, this time SmartTips.com will discuss 6 characteristics of smartphones infected with the virus.

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Here are 6 Characteristics of an Android Smartphone Infected with Viruses

6 characteristics of this smartphone has often happened to user android. Instead of taking a long time, immediately scroll come on down!

1. Smartphone Becomes Slow

Android Gets Slow

Android Gets Slow

The performance of a smartphone that becomes slow is one of the factors that a smartphone is infected with a virus. In fact, not only is the performance of the smartphone slow, but your smartphone can also hang. Wow! Is it bad guys?

The solution is that you have toinstall anti Virus to destroy all viruses on your smartphone. not only destroy, anti Virus will also protect your smartphone from viruses that will attack again.

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2. Smartphone Battery Becomes Wasteful

Battery Becomes Wasteful

Battery Becomes Wasteful

The next characteristic of smartphones affected by the virus is that the smartphone’s battery power becomes wasteful. How come? even though your smartphone use is still normal.

All that happens because there is an application that is run by the virus on your smartphone. The solution you have to do is touninstall apps running on background your smartphone.

You can enter Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Later you will see foreign applications running on your smartphone.

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3. Wasteful Use of Internet Quota

Internet Quota Becomes Wasteful

Internet Quota Becomes Wasteful

The next feature is the Wasteful Use of Data Packages. If your smartphone is infected with a virus, then your internet quota usage becomes more wasteful.

Even though you already save internet quota you in various ways. Well the solution is very easy guys, you just have to go to Settings > Data Usage.

By entering the menu, you will see any application that makes your internet quota wasteful. If there are foreign applications that suck up your quota, you should immediately uninstall from your smartphone.

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4. Pop-up Ads Appear Repeatedly

Pop-up Ads Appear

Pop-up Ads Appear

Ads appear Pop-ups in an application or game that is free it’s normal, yes, but it’s not natural if there are ads Pop-ups that appears on homescreen, lockscreen, or other.

Advertisement Pop-ups this is a virus that attacks your smartphone, for how to handle it the same as before. You have to log in to Settings > Applications > Application Manager, look for the application that you think is a virus.

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5. Installing Applications Automatically

Installing Automatic Applications

Installing Automatic Applications

The next feature is toinstall application automatically, this has indeed been experienced by many smartphone users.

The application isinstall by a virus that will make your storage memory full, make the battery wasteful and many others.

For how to solve this, you can turn off the settings “Allow Unknown Sources“, this arrangement willinstall unknown app Google Play Store.

Well, the way to turn it off is to go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. You just have to disable the menu so that the application does not run.install return.

6. Smartphone Automatic Restart

Self Restart

Auto Restart

Smartphonesrestart Automation is also one of the characteristics of a smartphone infected with a virus, this incident occurs when your smartphone is actually infected with a virus.

Because not only software which they will attack, they can also attack hardware you. The solution is that you have to do hard reset on your smartphone.

That’s the characteristics of an Android smartphone infected with a virus along with the solution, it’s very easy? If you have criticism or suggestions, you can fill in the comments column below.

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