6 Best Football Watch Streaming Applications 2022

Football is a sport that is currently favored by many people. Starting from children to adults, many like this game. Of course, for you football lovers, not just playing It’s just a football game, but watching broadcasts from your favorite club is something to look forward to.

But what if at the time of broadcast, you are not at home? it will certainly be difficult to see your favorite club compete. Eits calm down, there are the most complete football live streaming sites and there is also an Android application that allows you to watch live football broadcasts. Well, here’s a list of applications.

List of the Best Football Streaming Apps on Android

Well, this time we will provide recommendations for some online soccer streaming applications on smartphones. So just take a look!

1. Video

Video Apps

Video Apps

Besides being known as an application for watching tv online, this application Video also known for its good football streaming spots. Because there are many TV channels in this application.

You can watch Champions League, English League, Spanish League, and more in this app. Besides being able to see other videos, you can alsoupload videos to this app. The size for this app is only approx 15.28 MB.

2. SuperSoccer TV

SuperSoccer App

SuperSoccer App

SuperSoccer indeed known as the place to stream the best football on Android. You can watch broadcasts starting from English Premiere League, series A, La Liga, even Indonesian League.

You must register first to be able to stream in this application. But in some games, you can only enjoy it at a premium. This means you have to pay in advance to watch it, the size for this app is 11 MB.

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3. UseeTV GO

UseeTV GO App

UseeTV GO App

UseeTV GO is an Over-The-Top service founded by PT. Telecommunications Indonesia, Tbk. This application provides a new experience for users to watch live football broadcasts.

In this application there are various kinds of popular TV shows through television channels such as ANTV, TVRI, BEIN Sports, TVOne, and so forth. This application requires as much memory as 8.31 MB.

4. Mivo TV

Mivo TV App

Mivo TV App

Mivo is a streaming service provider application or watch TV online for free. Besides you can stream TV channels, You can also stream football with this application.

There are many local TV channels that provide live streaming of football quickly and easily. You can watch English Premiere League, La League, and League Champions in this app. The size for this app is approx. 9.70 MB.

5. StarTimes

StarTimes App

StarTimes App

StarTimes is an application that provides exclusive live streaming of TV channels and football matches. With this application you can watch Bundesliga, series A, Premier League, and others.

Besides being able to watch live, you can also find out various highlights of foreign matches, table standing, and schedules from top European clubs. So you no longer need a news reading application to find out the latest information.updates about football.

6. SuperSport

SuperSport App

SuperSport App

SuperSport is a free football streaming application that can spoil football lovers. Not only that, this soccer streaming application is also equipped with different language features, making it easier for users to watch their favorite team’s matches.

You can also set an alarm in this app to remind you of upcoming matches. So, no need for an alarm app to wake you up. Oh yes, you can also see the final score of various matches.

Well, that’s an application that allows you to watch football for free from your smartphone. If you have suggestions or criticisms, please fill in the comments column. Share this article so you #AlwaysMoreKnow

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