6 Applications for Chatting Between Computers on a LAN Network for Windows PCs

Although instant messaging has become part of some popular online services such as Facebook and Google, its development has not completely eliminated the need for IM applications. The default IM service offered by the Internet giant remains limited in functionality and still relies on third-party platforms. Thanks to a dedicated LAN messenger application with cross-platform compatibility, instant chat is still an easy task to do.

Here we have rounded up some of the best LAN messenger apps that work on Windows and other operating systems to send instant messages to friends on multiple platforms. Without further ado, let’s take a look one by one.

List of Chatting Applications Between Computers on a LAN Network for Windows PC PC

Quality LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger for PC Qualia LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger from Qualia is an open source cross-platform messaging application for communicating with friends over a LAN network. This application does not require a server. Instant messaging apps can display event notifications, file transfers, and message logging.

Qualia LAN Messenger currently supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. You can download applications from Qualia for free.


LAN Messenger for PC Squiggle

Like most local messenger apps, Squiggle is a free LAN messenger for serverless peer to peer communication. After downloading the application, you can immediately launch the application and connect to anyone on the LAN network.


LAN Messenger for PC BeeBEEP

BeeBEEP is a free LAN chat application capable of transferring files between computers. BeeBEEP supports secure network chat without installing a separate server on each computer, so you can interact freely in your office, home or cafe without having to connect to the internet.


LAN Messenger for PC AChat

AChat is free app to chat in a LAN network. With this application you can send files, send messages directly to those who are online or offline.

Does not require server installation to be able to use AChat. AChat Supports individual private messages as well as private sessions, and with public chat, you can establish local meeting sessions. AChat is capable of recording your chat logs, and does not require server installation on local network computers.


LAN Messenger for PC BORGChat

BORGChat is a free LAN chat application capable of sending files, having private conversations as well as public chat sessions. With BORGChat, you can transfer files and pause them according to your network bandwidth. BORGChat is also capable of recording chat logs.

BORGChat supports graphical chats such as emoticons while no server installation is required for BORGChat to work. BORGChat supports message boards and message filtering which adds flexibility to allow or block specific users under full administrator rights.


LAN Messenger for PC Net-C

Net-C, a free LAN chat application that provides the flexibility to transfer files, create conversations, and view the current status of users. There is no need for server installation on computers in your network.

Net-C is a multi-platform chat application making it perfect for group chats. Net-C also supports private messages, private chat sessions as well as public chats with cool emoticons. In Net-C, you can add your own configuration files such as adding your own chat emoticons if you have the required skills, as it is an open source application that allows its users to modify it according to their taste.