5 Wild Rift Baron Laner Champions Who Have Interesting Meta Gameplay

Ezreal, League of Legends : Wild Rift

Ezreal, League of Legends : Wild Rift

GridGames.ID – A player who focuses on himself as a filler for Baron Lane must indeed have a myriad of skills to be able to master his lane.

Baron Laner himself has a task that is not simple, although his main focus is to break down the opponent’s defense from Baron Lane.

In addition to breaking down defenses, he can also help rotate towards the mid lane when the mid lane is empty due to the battle that took place at Dragon Lane.

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The correct composition for implementing the strategy is called 1-4.

Namely 1 player to do a split tower (usually done by a baron laner) and 4 other players focus on getting a Dragon or Baron.

Yup, that composition is currently being used, especially in the upper tier.

Therefore, champions to fill Baron Lane usually have to have the ability to quickly rotate (can use teleport boots) to clean up the minions swiftly.

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Well, the following GridGames already has a list of 5 champions who have these abilities, let’s see!


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