5 Ways To Reset HP Oppo Password Forgot Password

Setting an Oppo phone password is an attempt to protect the device from irresponsible people who open it without permission. However, if one day you forget the data, you need to know how to reset a forgotten Oppo HP password.

Everyone must have forgotten something, including passwords. Especially if you change frequently password that. What happens if the phone is locked?

This is often annoying and also panic because you cannot go to the main screen to operate Smartphone that. However, don’t be confused if you experience it on an Oppo cell phone. You can overcome it in the following ways.

How to reset HP Oppo forgot password

Many people panic when they cannot access their phone’s main screen because they forgot their password or lock pattern. they’re coming soon Service center and have to pay the cost, but there is a way around it.

1. Use the functions Forget password

Can’t unlock Oppo A3S phone due to forgotten password? Relax, just use the forgotten password function Smartphone that. The method is quite simple, namely by following the steps below.

  • User can enter password at least five times superficially. The aim is to make it clear to the smartphone that the owner has forgotten the password
  • Tap the question forget password that will appear on the screen
  • Use the e-mail registered in the telephone system to Sign up
  • Create a new password on the phone

This allows users to open Smartphone he uses the new password. How to reset forgot HP Oppo Lock screen password Other types such as A7, A71, A12 or A5 can also be opened.

2. Use of TWRP

The previous method requires an email in order to do this the settings Reset Oppo Phone Password. But what if the user also forgets their email password? How to reset forgotten Oppo HP password Forgot email.

  • Turn off the password protected Oppo phone
  • Press the button energy, all at once volume down until a vibration on the HP. occurs
  • Tap on Option progressive
  • Tap on Files Manager
  • Clear Files locksettings.db, locksetting.db-shm, locksetting.db-wal, gesten.key, password.key individually
  • Restart the Oppo HP

After the trial start anew done, Smartphone takes you straight to the main menu in position without using a lock. If you want to lock it again, set a new password.

3. Do HardReset

This is one more step, namely by hard resetting the forgotten Oppo HP password. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Long press the reduce button volume and energy at the same time until the phone logo appears on the screen
  • Call up the menu ColorOS recreation
  • Tap on Option language English
  • Tap on Option to wipe data, OK
  • Wait a moment for the process to complete
  • When you’re done, do it Boots Reset the Oppo phone
Hard reset HP Oppo forgot password

When the process is complete, the user can open it again Smartphone theirs. However, before doing this method, you must first make sure that the battery is over 50% as the process requires a lot of power.

Unfortunately there are a few Files which is deleted because the phone returns to its original settings. Still memory Smartphone Instead, it becomes more spacious so that its performance returns quickly.

4. Reset with PC

Next, you can reset the forgotten Oppo HP password use a PC. However, you must use a computer that has the Minimal ADB Fastboot Tool. Next, you can follow the steps this way.

  • Connect the troubled Oppo smartphone to the laptop using a USB connection
  • open minded Tools Min ADB Fastboot over journey C.
  • To do Double click on py_cmd.exe
  • Enter the formula: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
  • Next press Enter

The next step is to wait a while for the process to complete. The user can take the next step, the command start anew on the problematic Oppo phone. So it can be opened again easily Smartphone the.

5. Reset by phone call

Do you want to reset the phone in an easy way, especially on the A5S type? It is a good idea to try to perform a forgotten reset on the Oppo A5S HP password without a pc like the following steps.

  • Users need to use a different phone to make calls Smartphone Forgot your Oppo password
  • Accept an incoming call but leave it, then open the menu homeland to access the settings
  • In the next step you activate the connection Internet
  • To do Fast access be able log in to a google account.
  • Unlock password

In addition to these steps, you can disable the password pin directly from the settings menu.

Apparently there are many alternative ways to reset the Oppo HP because you forgot it password. Surely you don’t feel confused anymore when you have trouble opening a locked phone screen, do you? This method can be used for different types of Oppo such as: B. F9, F11 Pro and F5.

In addition to the above methods, you can also turn off the lock using the Find My Device application. It’s just that before you need to install the application on Oppo phone.

Another alternative is to use a fingerprint scan. The user can apply this method on the phone by having two locks with. specifies fingerprint scan as an unlock option.

These were some ways to reset Oppo HP’s forgotten password so that you can open it again. Choose the alternative method that best suits the condition of the phone. This method is easy and without spending any money Service center.

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