5 Ways to Overcome Mobile Legends That Come Out Alone

Mobile Legends is games which is currently the most popular in the world. Starting from children, teenagers, to adults also play it.

It’s definitely annoying when we’re playing Mobile Legends, but suddenly games it came out suddenly? Eits, don’t immediatelyuninstall, because SmartTips.com will tell you how to solve it.

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So You Can Play Mobile Legends Again With Comfort

Well, to overcome games Mobile Legends often force close, you can use the following method. Checkidot.

1. Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Clear Cache

The first thing that became a problem for gamer is cache from games that accumulates. Because cache that accumulate can make lag while playing, even up to force close.

Therefore, you should be diligent in deleting cache from games Mobile Legends the. Confused about how to delete it? Follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Select the Applications menu > Then you select Mobile Legends > Then you select Clear Cache

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2. App Updates

Mobile Legends Update

Mobile Legends Update

Usually applications that have an old version will have a lot bugs which can affect the game of a game games. Can even trigger force close of the application.

Just like any other application, games Mobile Legends must always be you updates. In order to minimize the possibility of lag or force close. Well, toupdates Mobile Legends, you can use the following methods:

Open the Play Store > Select the menu in the upper left corner > Then select My Apps & Games > Select Mobile Legends > Then click Update

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3. Make sure you have enough RAM

Make sure you have enough RAM

Make sure you have enough RAM

Before downloading mobile legends, make sure RAM you are enough to play games the. Because games it does take up a lot of RAM space.

If your RAM is not sufficient, it will be ensured that every time you play it will always be force close. To overcome this, you should buy smartphone with at least 2 GB RAM to be able to play it.

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4. Use Smooth Network

Play on a Stable Network

Play on a Stable Network

Problems often faced by players Mobile Legends is a bad network. Because if your network is slow, it will trigger lag who can make games you force close.

Therefore, you should first make sure that the network you are going to use is smooth and will not cause problems lag or force close.

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5. Reinstall the Application

Reinstall Mobile Legends

Reinstall Mobile Legends

If all the methods above have been done but do not work, then it’s a good idea toinstall repeat games Mobile Legends the.

Because byinstall reload, the application you downloaded will immediately become the latest version. For that you have to delete the old application, andinstall new reset.

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Well, that’s the way to overcome Mobile Legends often force close. If you have another way or another opinion, you can directly fill it in the comments column.

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