5 Ways to Get Free Heroes in Mobile Legends, It’s Easy!

GridGames.ID – Characters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) or commonly known as Heroes, no doubt play a big role in the game.

Each hero has a skill kit that allows them to appear different from other existing heroes.

Having a variety of heroes allows players to adapt in every match.

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By having many heroes of choice, you can more easily improve the composition of the team before fighting.

Therefore, GridGames will tell you all 5 ways to get free Heroes in Mobile Legends, check it out!

1. Limited Time Release Event

Special surprise for the 515 eParty Mobile Legends event.

Moonton Indonesia

Special surprise for the 515 eParty Mobile Legends event.

MLBB often brings events into the game that give players a way to get heroes for free.

Without using Battle Points or Diamonds, you can get free heroes by participating in existing events.

The method is quite easy, you only need to complete various missions presented by certain events.

Not only heroes, sometimes by completing event challenge missions, you can also get skins and other prizes.

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