5 Ways to Clean Computer Keyboard from Germs and Bacteria

Hello smart friends! Do you know? If the computer keyboard is the dirtiest and filthy place 2 times compared to the toilet.

Germs and bacteria found on the keyboard will make you susceptible to disease, guys! So, from now on, let’s clean your computer keyboard!

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Here are 5 Ways to Clean a Computer Keyboard from Germs and Bacteria

Now! This time SmartTips.com will review how to clean a dirty computer keyboard. So, watch carefully, guys..

1. Remove the Computer Keyboard Keys First

Removing the Computer Keyboard Keys

Remove the Computer Keyboard Keys

The first way is to let it all go keys your computer keyboard. Remove the keys carefully, guys..

How to remove the computer keyboard keys is also quite easy, you only need to press your thumb from the bottom and pull keys with the index finger up until it comes off.

This is useful so that you also easily clean the bottom keys dusty keyboard.

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2. Clean Keyboard Keys Using Alcohol

Cleaning the Keys Using Alcohol

Clean the Keys Using Alcohol

After releasing keys the next keyboard the second way is to clean every keys keyboard using alcohol or cleaning liquid for electronics.

Well, you can use the old cloth and alcohol to clean it keys keyboard from germs and bacteria.

Oh yes! Make sure all keys the keyboard is really clean and shiny, so your keyboard is protected from germs and bacteria.

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3. Clean the Keyboard Using Air Vacuum

Cleaning Keyboard

Clean Computer Keyboard Board with Vacuum

Then the third way is to clean the keyboard board using an air vacuum or air compressor.

Don’t forget that apart from cleaning the keyboard keys, you also have to clean the keyboard board.

Well, this method aims to make the dust that slips on the keyboard board also disappears. So, your computer keyboard is free from germs and bacteria.

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4. Reinstall the Computer Keyboard Keys

Replacing the Computer Keyboard Keys

Reinstall the Computer Keyboard Keys

Then the fourth way is to re-attach the keys that you removed earlier.

install keys the keyboard fits into place. If you forget, you can see pictures of the layout on the internet.

So that the keys you install are not in the wrong location and make sure too keys the keyboard is working properly, guys!

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5. Use Keyboard Protector Computer

Protect Computer Keyboard

Protect Computer Keyboard

After everything is clean and the keyboard is working properly, the fifth way is to use the keyboard protector or keyboard protector.

This is so that your keyboard is protected from dust again. Other than that, you just need to clean the keyboard protectoronly if it’s dirty.

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So, how are you smart? You already know how to clean the keyboard properly. Well, if you have criticisms and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, guys..

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