5 Ways to Avoid Noob Players in Mobile Legends

ML stands for Mobile Legends which is currently popular. Who doesn’t know or know games this? Games it has been downloaded or played by people all over the world.

Proven Mobile Legends have created a character hero from every country to appreciate for the world players who have played games Mobile Legends. Many players playing games This will allow you to meet outsiders who have different abilities.

If you meet a friend who pro Of course you will enjoy playing it, well on the contrary if you meet noob player will definitely make you angry or upset, yes. Well this time Tipssmart.com will give a tip for those of you who don’t want to meet noob player.

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Here’s How to Avoid Noob Players in Mobile Legends

noob player are players who have abilities that are below average or cannot or are not experts in playing. It’s really not fun if you meet or have a team with noob player. For those of you who don’t want to be in the same team with noob player, just swipe down right away.

1. Play with Friends Try 5 People

Play with 5 Friends

Play with 5 of your friends, surely you will not meet noob player. Because 1 team have 5 player if you have 5 of course you will not meet, whereas if you play alone or play with friends but less than 5 people you can certainly meet noob player.

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2. Playing at Midnight

Playing At Midnight

Well, some people don’t know when to play with people pro. For those of you who want to play with people pro it is recommended to play at midnight because, new people or people noob don’t know the specific hours to play Mobile Legends.

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3. Changing the National Emblem

Changing the National Emblem

Changing the national emblem can be one way to avoid noob player. If you change the national symbol, you can play or a team with pro player. Well, for that you should be able to choose a country that has a lot pro player rather than noob player-his.

However, if you have changed the national emblem you have to wait 30 days or one month to be able to change the state symbol again.

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4. Make sure the level is at its maximum

Have a Maximum Level

If you already have level which maximum, you may be paired with player who already have level maximum too. People who have level maximum maybe there’s no doubt skills-his.

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5. Have a High Rank

Have a High Rank

Having a high rank means you won’t run into noob player. As long as you already have a rating above Grand Master up like, epic and Legends. If noob player, he must be ranked below Grand Master as Elite and Master.

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If you have played and one team with noob player, it is recommended that you look for the give up button or surrender in the settings menu. If not, you will struggle alone while fighting alone is not good.

Well, that’s a 5 Ways to Avoid Noob Players in Mobile Legends. If, you have suggestions or opinions other than the above. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Like and Share…

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