5 Ways Not to Lose Stars When You Lose Ranked in Mobile Legends

Hello smart friends! Losing in a ranked match is really unpleasant, guys. Because you will lose your star and will lower your ranking.

Well, on this occasion we will tell you how not to lose stars when you want to lose ranked in Mobile Legends. Come on! rather than a long time, just read this article, guys.

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Don’t Want to Lose Stars When Ranked? Do It This Way Guys

Losing stars is really painful, guys. Of course you don’t want to lose your star when you want to lose. Well, we want to tell you how to lose stars.

1. Always with the Team

Stay With Team

Stay With Team

How not to lose stars when you want to lose ranked in Mobile Legends is always together team. Lots Mobile Legends noob player, when you have lost a lot turret they will definitely apply voting to surrender or surrender.

It’s best to avoid that way. You have to build good communication inside team and continue to encourage and determine the best strategy in the game.

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2. Don’t Be Too Ambitious To Kill

Ambition to Kill

Ambition to Kill

The next way is not to be too ambitious to kill, that way you will definitely make you not lose stars when you want to lose. But if you are too ambitious to kill so that get MVP, then what happens is the enemy will ambush and will definitely kill you.

So, stay patient and don’t be too ambitious so you don’t experience defeat. You can convince team you to keep playing safe and not being too hasty.

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3. Keep an eye on your tower

Focus on destroying the Tower

Focus on destroying the Tower

If you are under pressure, don’t be too complacent with circumstances that make you lose tower you. Sometimes when we are too cool to attack, we don’t realize that there is 1 hero who is cool to undermine our tower.

Well, by keeping an eye on tower, you do not let your guard down while doing the attack. You can also use a hero who can destroy a tower in 5 seconds in order to speed up team you are on the attack.

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4. Don’t Do Open War

Don't Open War

Don’t Open War

The way not to lose the next star is not to do it open war. You should still wait until the enemy enters your defense area. That way, you will benefit. Because you will be helped by tower your last.

Well, make sure your friendsteam you are really compact so you can survive to withstand attacks from enemies. When the enemy has issued his skills, you can attack him again until wiped out.

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5. Stealing the Opponent’s Tower

Stealing the Turret

Stealing the Turret

This last method is a bit reckless, because there must be one of your team’s heroes who can destroy the tower quickly. Even though you are still being attacked and forced to survive.

If this method is done properly and correctly, then it is guaranteed team you will not lose a star. However, if the hero who steals tower was ambushed and killed. Then, your struggle will be over.

Well, that’s the way not to lose stars when you want to lose ranked in Mobile Legends. If you have criticism or suggestions about this article, you can fill in the comments column below.

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