5 Unique Japanese Technology That Doesn’t Exist in Other Countries

As we know that Japan is one of the developed countries with very rapid technological developments. Even though all the technology is advanced, in Japan there are still people who believe in the myth of the Japanese female ghost. Maybe, because the ghost is a story from Japanese ancestors, guys.

Eits, even so Japan still continues to innovate to create technology that can facilitate human work. Well, here are some unique Japanese technologies that don’t exist in other countries!

Won’t Be in Other Countries! These are 5 Unique Japanese Technologies

Oh yes, if you want to go to Japan, don’t forget to learn Japanese first using an application to learn Japanese. The goal is so that you understand when traveling to Japan. In addition, so that you understand how to use the following unique Japanese technology!

1. Masunaga Wink Glasses

Japan's Unique Technology

Masunaga Wink Glasses

Japan’s first unique technology is Masunaga Wink Glasses. Reportedly this technology was created for students and employees in the office. Why is that? Because these glasses have a different function compared to other glasses, moreover, these glasses are available for minus and cylinder eyes.

Masunaga Wink Glasses are used to force someone who uses them to concentrate. So that way students or office employees have no reason to be sleepy. Oh yes, these glasses are sold at a price of $357 or around Rp. 5 million, guys.

2. Imisiru Word Reader Translator

Japan's Unique Technology

Imisiru Word Reader Translator

Japan’s second most unique technology is Imisiru Word Reader Translator. Well, this is really suitable for those of you who really like traveling abroad, especially if you are not good at speaking English or the country you want to visit. Because this Imisiru Word Reader Translator technology will help you to translate foreign languages.

Uniquely, this technology is small so it is easy to carry anywhere. It seems that this technology is really mandatory to be brought abroad, so you don’t need to install an application that translates all languages ‚Äč‚Äčanymore, guys.

3. Lyric Speaker

Japan's Unique Technology

Lyric Speaker

The third unique Japanese technology is Lyric Speaker. This one is specifically for those of you who really like listening to songs or karakoean. The reason is, technology is a speaker that can play songs from gadgets or music player applications on your smartphone, guys.

In addition, on the speaker section there are lyrics of the song you are playing. That way, you don’t have to worry anymore if you forget the lyrics. Well, you can also use this speaker for karaoke! So, you don’t need to use karaoke apps anymore, guys. Oh yes, the price of this speaker is quite expensive, which is around $4018 or Rp. 57 million.

4. Prismate Automatic Shaved Ice Maker

Japan's Unique Technology

Prismate Automatic Shaved Ice Maker

Japan’s fourth most unique technology is Prismate Automatic Shaved Ice Maker. This time it’s especially for those of you who like to cook or make drinks. Because this technology serves to crush ice cubes in small forms to form shaved ice.

Uniquely, this shaved ice technology is small and very easy to use by anyone. Well, the price offered from the Prismate Automatic Shaved Ice Maker technology is around $84 or around Rp. 1 million, guys!

5. Cairo Heated Socks Feet Warmers

Japan's Unique Technology

Cairo Heated Socks Feet Warmers

The last unique Japanese technology is Cairo Heated Socks Feet Warmers. This time for those who often travel to cold places! Besides you have to install mandatory applications when traveling such as a compass, you also have to bring this Cairo Heated Socks Feet Warmers technology.

The reason is, the Cairo Heated Socks Feet Warmers is a sock technology that can provide a warm feeling to the feet when you are in a cold place so that hypothermia does not occur. Oh yes, these Cairo Heated Socks Feet Warmers socks are sold for around $ 104 or around Rp. 1.5 million, guys.

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