5 Traditional Games That Can Replace Online Games

Played Games on smartphones are really fun, especially when you have free time. But, did you know that games on Android cause you to become anti-social. Because, you continue to be glued to your smartphone and don’t care about your surroundings.

If you have this, rare diseases will arise because you are often exposed to radiation from smartphones. Therefore, you have to reduce the use of smartphones to play games, guys.

Well, this is very fitting, guys! Here are some traditional games in Indonesia that used to be very popular and can be used as a substitute for you in playing games on smartphones.

Don’t Play Smartphones! Try Playing These Traditional Games

This traditional game is more exciting than the Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile games. Well, just take a look at what traditional games you can play.

1. Hide and seek

Traditional game

Game of Hide and Seek

The traditional game that can replace the first smartphone game is Hide and Seek. This game is quite famous, guys, in Indonesia. Oh yes, this game must be played by at least 3 children. One of the children who lost in gambreng must guard the wall and close his eyes.

After that, he must calculate according to the agreement. The other players must hide while the guard is counting. Next, the guard had to find a free person to be registered on the wall of the guardhouse.

The guard must find all players who haven’t been caught swearing. If you have collected all the guards can be free and the player who is hit first must guard.

You also need to know that there is a myth that elementary school children are still believed, if they say this game should not be played at sunset. Reportedly swearing can be kidnapped by spirits.

2. Mountain cloth or ngklek

Traditional game

Mountain Cloth or Engkle Game

The second traditional game that can replace smartphone games is tablecloth Mountain or knock. You can find this game in almost all parts of Indonesia and is most often played in Sumatra and Sulawesi.

This game is played by a minimum of 2 children and the maximum is not counted. Before starting this game, the children will draw some squares on the ground.

How to play it you have to jump with 1 foot. Then you have to have coins or critical shards to put in the tile and of course the rules can’t hit the line.

If there is a participant who successfully completes 1 round, then he/she has the right to choose one of the plots by throwing precarious shards to be used as rice fields. This field cannot be jumped by other players.

This game trains patience, accuracy and discipline. Compared to you playing war games that can make you a terrorist, it’s better for you to just play this game, guys.

3. Gobak Sodor

Traditional game

Game Gobak Sodor

The traditional game that can replace the third smartphone game is Gobak Sodor. Maybe in Jakarta it is called Galaksin or Salty Galah. This game is a game of 2 groups, each of which has a minimum of 3 members.

It is said that Gobak Sodor means Spear that Moves Freely. Well, if one of the groups loses in a suit, then he must maintain his defense by stepping on the line that has been marked. Then the free player must enter the opponent’s fortress or guard square.

Furthermore, the duty of the guard must be on the player’s body. If hit then the group of players die and take turns to guard. However, if the guard crosses the line, his touch is considered invalid. This game is more exciting, guys, than the adventure games on Android.

4. Jump Rope

Traditional game

Jump Rope Game

The fourth traditional game that can replace smartphone games is Jump rope. This game that must be played by at least 4 girls is indeed very exciting compared to playing cooking games, guys.

Well, in this game there are 2 children who guard or hold the rope. Players who are not on guard must be able to pass the rope without touching the rope. If it touches then the player must switch positions with the rope guard.

The height of the rope starts from the level below or above the hand to the level of the clenched hand above. Well, if it’s that high you have to jump, you can or touch the rope. However, if you fail to jump it you have to be on guard.

5. Bekel Ball

Traditional game

Bekel Ball Game

The traditional game that can replace the last smartphone game is Bekel Ball. This game used to be very popular among girls. This game does seem quite easy, but once you have played it, it will be very difficult, because you need concentration.

Like playing a guessing game. Oh yes, this game uses a rubber ball or commonly called a bekel ball. Then there are also 10-12 bekel seeds. Well, in the game you have to toss the ball and also the seeds.

Then you have to pick up the bekel seeds one by one when you toss the bekel ball. If you release the bekel ball, then you lose and take turns with another player.

So, how are you smart? Which traditional game do you prefer, to replace smartphone games? Oh yes, don’t forget to share this list of traditional games with other smart friends.

So that they do not continue to play smartphone games. Well, if you have other criticisms and suggestions, regarding the list of traditional games to replace smartphone games, you can write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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