5 Tips to Save Smartphone Battery to Last All Day

For us users smartphones, it seems the battery is becoming one of the basic needs. It is undeniable, Low battery seems to be the sworn enemy of the users smartphone at the moment.

It turns out that there are several ways to save battery smartphone you lol! This time, SmartTips.com will tell you, 5 tips to save battery life smartphone you. let’s see together!

Here are 5 Tips to Save Your Smartphone’s Battery Life.

1. Correct Use of Wallpaper

Use of Wallpapers.

Use live wallpaper (wallpaper move) and wallpapers which is full of color certainly makes the appearance of the screen smartphone we are more interesting, however, the use of wallpapers that really drains our battery!

In order to save more battery, we recommend using wallpapers which is static and is black or dark in color. Because by using all things dark shades will save our battery.

2. Use Doze Mode

Doze Mode Stats

Do you know Doze Mode? Doze is a feature that is practically new on Android, Why? because this mode is only available on android marshmallows, and only feels optimal when perfected on android Nougat.

Doze is an android mode in charge of reducing battery power consumption when the phone is in a state of standby, for example when the position is locked, the screen is off or in a pocket.

3. Disable Google Voice Assistant

Google Voice Assistant

Apps from Google it really helps us, yes, however, don’t let these applications drain our battery. We must be able to manage the default application Google on android so as not to drain our battery.

One of them is to disable the feature Google Voice Assistant or also known as OK Google. here are the steps to deactivate the feature Google Voice Assistant:

open Arrangement > Google > Security > Search > Voice > “Ok Google” detection > Disable all currently active features.

4. Continue to Update Applications.

Keep Updating Applications

Maybe this is a bit confusing huh, what’s the connection Updates apps with Save battery. So for those of you who are still confused, SmartTips.com will answer your confusion.

Every developer of course will face bugs every application. Possibility bugs from the application it can make the battery smartphone we run out fast.

That’s what causes you to keep doing updates on every application on our smartphone to avoid such problems.

5. Take advantage of 3rd Party Apps

3rd Party Battery Saver Apps

This is probably the method most used by users smartphones. Yes, man-install saver app smartphone additional available in Google Play Store.

Of course, we can’t justinstall app on smartphone we. As user smartphone intelligent we must be smart in choosing the applications that we will download.

In addition to looking at the rating on Google Play Store, we should also take a look comments or review from other users. It is useful to turn off that application that we install useful for smartphone we.

Yes, that’s 5 tips to save battery smartphone according to TipsPintar.com. If there are criticisms and suggestions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments column.

Good luck and hopefully useful

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