5 Tips To Make Your Laptop Hard Disk Durable And Not Quickly Damaged

Hard Disk is one of hardware which contains a magnetic disk and is useful for storing secondary data. This is what causes hard disk Becomes hardware most importantly on a laptop.

But, do you know hard disk could be damaged, because you do not treat the laptop properly. So, how do you take care of it? hard disk so that the laptop is not easily damaged huh? Well, just watch it, guys..

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Here are 5 Tips To Make Your Laptop Hard Disk Durable and Not Quickly Damaged

Now! This time SmartTips.com will review how to care Hard Disk Laptops. So, watch carefully, guys..

1. Make sure the Hard Disk Memory Capacity is Not Full

Hard Disk Storage Memory Full

Full Storage Memory

The first tip is to make sure the memory capacity hard disk your laptop is not full. This serves so that the performance of your laptop does not decrease, due to limited storage memory space.

In addition, if the storage memory is on hard disk will also have an impact on the laptop. Like, oftenlag, to-hang and usage CPU Usage too high.

Well, let’s try from now on deleting the document or files which you no longer use. This is very important, so that more storage space hard disk and hard disk can work even better.

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2. Don’t Reinstall OS Too Often

Reinstall windows operating system

Reinstall Windows 7 OS

The second tip is not to do it too often install reset on your laptop. This is very closely related to hard disk who works very hard, when the laptop does install repeat.

This is what causes your hard disk to be damaged faster. Moreover, if you do install rework that is not in accordance with the standard, as a result one of the hard disk laptop will be damaged.

Well, from now on do it install just repeat as necessary, guys!

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3. Do not turn off the laptop without going through the Shut Down button

Shut Down

Shut Down

The third tip is not to turn off the laptop without going through the button Shut Down. Why it can not? Because, when forcibly shutting down the laptop and using the button power off will also quickly damage the hard disk, guys!

So, when hard disk are working or reading data on the laptop and suddenly you press the button power off, hard disk will experience shock which results in bad sectors.

So, from now on you must first remove the application that is running on the laptop and must turn it off using the button Shut down so that hard disk not damaged quickly.

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4. Install the Best Antivirus Applications on Laptops

Anti Virus

Antivirus Collection

The fourth tip is toinstall best antivirus app on laptop. It aims to remove the virus contained on the laptop.

Moreover, in order to protect hard disk and laptops from malicious virus attacks. Because, viruses on laptops are also one of the causes hard disk get damaged quickly.

So, use the best antivirus application and only use 1 antivirus application on the laptop.

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5. Don’t Use a Laptop on a Mattress

Playing a Laptop on a Mattress

Using a Laptop on a Mattress

The fifth tip is not to use a laptop on a mattress. Why is that? Because, when you use a laptop on a mattress, the laptop is not in a stable position.

The plate contained in hard disk will spin unstable due to tilt and also shake. Well, this is what causes the disc to hard disk the laptop becomes scratched and also scuffed.

Just like turning off a laptop by pressing a button power off, using a laptop on a mattress will result in hard disk experience bad sectors.

So, from now on, use a laptop on a table or on a flat field, guys!

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So, how are you smart? You already know how to take care hard disk laptop to last. Oh yes, share Yes, this article is so that other smart friends also know how to take care hard disk Laptops don’t break easily. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them down in the comments column below here

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