5 Tips for Caring for Smartphone Fingerprints So that they are Not Damaged

One of the advanced features on smartphones today is fingerprint. The usefulness of the fingerprint on a smartphone is that it can unlock the smartphone only by scanning a registered fingerprint.

But, have you ever thought that the fingerprint on a smartphone will be easily damaged by itself because you treat it incorrectly.

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Here are 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Smartphone Fingerprint If You Don’t Want It To Be Damaged!

Fingerprint on a smartphone that has been damaged will also make other components worse on the smartphone.

Now! Before it breaks, you better take care of it fingerprint smartphone by following these 5 tips guys! What’s wrong? Alright, just watch it guys..

1. Don’t Get Into Water

Smartphone Gets Water

Smartphone Gets Water

Care tips fingerprint the first smartphone is not to fingerprint is exposed to water.

Because, fingerprint is one of the electronic components that should not be exposed to water or wet, guys.

If it is exposed to water for a long time fingerprint Your smartphone will be damaged, guys.

Well, make sure your hands are dry, when you want to open a smartphone using a fingerprint.

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2. Don’t Scan Fingerprint Other Than Fingerprint

Scan Fingerprint

Don’t Scan Fingerprint Other Than Fingerprint

The second tip is not to scan fingerprint other than fingerprints. It means that you do a scan or open a smartphone via fingerprint with other body parts, other than fingerprint.

This will result in fingerprint you will be easily damaged. Especially if there is damage to the sensor on the fingerprint, long term fingerprint you won’t work.

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3. STOP! Enrolling Too Many Fingerprints

Enrolling Too Many Fingerprints

Registering Fingerprint

Care tips fingerprint the third smartphone is not to register too many fingerprints. Why? Because if you store too much memory, your smartphone will save a lot of your fingerprint data.

This can make fingerprint will be easily damaged, because too much fingerprint data is stored. So, register a maximum of 2-3 fingers that you use often.

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4. Avoid Scanning Fingerprints When Fingers Get Oiled

Oil On Fingers

Oily Fingers

Care tips fingerprint the fourth smartphone is to avoid scanning fingerprints when hands are exposed to oil.

Just like water, fingerprint very sensitive to liquids and this is what will make fingerprint you break fast.

In addition, when you can’t open your smartphone via fingerprint when your fingers get oiled.

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5. Keep Fingerprints from Sharp Objects

Fingerprint Affected by Sharp Objects

Avoid Sharp Objects from Fingerprint

Care tips fingerprint The fifth smartphone is to keep your smartphone away from sharp objects.

Why? Because, fingerprint Smartphones work by recognizing fingerprint patterns. Well, if fingerprint there are scratches due to sharp objects, there is a possibility fingerprint you won’t work at all.

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So, how are you smart? You already know how to take care fingerprint correctly. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here

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