5 Things that are Haram for Mobile Legends Players

Mobile Legends is games MOBA which requires you to work together as a team to win.

But do you know? There are some things that one should not do while playing Mobile Legends.

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Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do When Playing Mobile Legends

Well, this time SmartTips.com will review some of the things you should not do when playing Mobile Legends. Let’s just check it out..

1. Play on Red Ping

Play When Ping Red

Play When Ping Red

The main problem that is usually faced by player Mobile Legends is connection. If you play in a bad connection state, it will make your Mobile Legends game become lag.

And if you lag, the possibility that will be affected is your teammate. Therefore, before starting the game, you must make sure your network is good and will not cause lag.

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2. Reading Incoming Notifications

View Notifications

View Notifications

The second thing you shouldn’t do while playing Mobile Legends is reading notifications from messages or others. The incoming notification will interfere with the course of your game.

Because of that, it’s likely that you should do re-login to re-enter the game. Wow, you will miss your level.

3. Fun Farming Without Looking at Maps

Not Seeing Maps When Farming

Not Seeing Maps When Farming

Farming it is really needed because it can accelerate us to level up, guys. But at the time farming, you better pay attention to the battle map huh. Because if it’s too long farming, you might be missed tower.

Especially if your friends are busy war, but you’re still cool farming alone. That will make your team outnumbered and eventually lose the battle. Wow! so have to see maps keep going guys.

4. Selfish


Choosing an Existing Hero

The next thing you shouldn’t do when playing Mobile Legends is selfish. Selfishness is being concerned with oneself over others. Selfishness usually happens at the time of election hero.

Many people want to vote role Marksman compared Tank, so that your team has no armor and ends up losing the battle. If you meet a team like that, it’s best to just give up, guys.

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5. Rarely Cast Skill

Rarely Use Skill

Rarely Use Skill

The last thing you shouldn’t do while playing Mobile Legends is rarely issued skills. As we know it, skills have damage more powerful than that basic attack something hero.

Therefore, do not hesitate to issue skills. Because skills you can use to kill the enemy or help the team at the same time war or teamfight.

Well, those are some things you should never do when playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Because if you do that, the impact will be on your own team members. If you have suggestions or opinions, please fill in the comments column, guys.

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