5 The latest and most powerful hero counter Balmond Mobile Legends (ML)

According to SPIN Esports, we’ll introduce you to the latest and most powerful five counter heroes from Balmond Mobile Legends (ML).

Balmond is a popular fighter hero among Mobile Legends players these days, and the life steal and damage of this hero is really terrible.

Hero counter Balmond

Not so, but skill 2 against minions and opponents causes a very high life steal.

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This is the key to why Balmond is so respected by Mobile Legends (ML) players these days, and in that regard, SPIN Esports offers five of the most powerful Balmond hero counters.


Hero counter Balmond

The first hero is Baxia. This tank was created to compete with life steal / regeneration heroes such as Balmond, Esmeralda, and Alucard.


Build Sun Mobile Legends
Photos via Mobile Legends

The second hero is Sun, who can easily fight Balmond despite being equipped with a powerful lifesteel.

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Source: Mobile Legends

Brody also recommends fighting Balmond, as this hero is extremely critical and Balmond’s Lifesteel is completely useless.


Build Kufra

Khufra can cancel all Balmond skills with a second skill, so he won’t get life steal and will be useless in combat.

Yoo Jung

ml barbarian

Finally, Yu Jung can absorb Balmond’s life steal skills with passive skills.

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