5 Strongest Lokapala Role Fighter Knights You Must Master

Lokapala Fighter Knights

Lokapala Fighter Knights

GridGames.ID – One of the mandatory things when playing MOBA genre games is hero mastery.

By mastering at least one hero, you can make a very useful contribution to the team.

The MOBA game itself really needs teamwork, where the skill of using heroes is also a benchmark so that the team is able to bring victory when playing.

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This must also be applied when you play the game Lokapala: Saga of Six Realms, a MOBA game created by the nation’s children.

This game was developed by Anantarupa Studio and published by PT Melon Indonesia as a publisher under the name OOLEAN GAMES.

Lokapala itself has several hero roles commonly called Ksatriya, such as Fighter, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Support to Mage.

One of the roles of Ksatriya that should not be forgotten when picking is Ksatriya with the Fighter role.

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In the Lokapala game, usually this Ksatriya role Fighter has the task of being the initiator of the attack.

This is because the Ksatriya fighter has very high damage and a fairly strong defense.

Kuy, see the explanation of 5 Ksatriya Lokapala the strongest Fighter role that you can use while playing.


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