5 Strategies to Keep Winning When Someone AFK in Mobile Legends

Hello smart friends! Mobile Legends it has become a favorite game on smartphones at this time, huh guys? Well, how does it feel when you’re cool to play Mobile Legends, but one of your game friends is AFK?

Surely it will make you irritated with that behavior, guys. Because with one player who is AFK, it will make your game a mess and will definitely make you lose.

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Well, this time TipsPintar will tell you a strategy to keep winning when one of the players is AFK.

In order to keep winning, do this strategy when someone is AFK

for those of you who don’t want to lose when your friends are AFK. Come on! Just take a look at this article, guys…

1. Pay attention to the position of war

Compact When In WAR

Compact When In WAR

When there is AFK like this, you have to really pay attention to the state of the position when you are doing war. Because things like this really affect the state of your team.

You should pay attention to your position while doing war. Don’t let your team get trapped by enemy tactics that can kill your team very easily.