5 secrets you need to know from modern popular games

Do one Games Being popular is one of the hardest things to do. It takes the exact formula as well effort deeper into it. Therefore, it takes developers years to create a Games what is finally recognized player and lasts for years franchise-his.

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Besides manufacturing Games popular sometimes flavored with lots of interesting things that also stimulate Games It has a solid mechanism. Though most developers stick with the formula or the thing that does Games it’s iconic too unforgettablebut others reveal the secret of its solidity Games She.

After all, we have collected the five most interesting secrets from various Games popular and iconic in the world. What’s your secret? Here is the full review!

1. The reason Sonic is weak in water


One of the interesting things about Games Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character named Sonic cannot swim or becomes weak when entering the water. Yes, the most annoying challenge is that you have to complete various underwater challenges that will make Sonic lose his power. If he’s usually fast, Sonic will be very slow underwater.

In addition, Sonic needs a certain amount of time underwater, which if you run out of time Sonic dies. The reason Sonic is weak or not swimming is due to the designer of Games Yuji Naka assumes that hedgehogs cannot swim.

But at some point Naka realized that his assumption was wrong, because while visiting Germany he saw a swimming hedgehog. Hedgehogs can swim but have difficulty getting out of the water. Even so, Naka persists in his reasons.

“When I’m trapped in challenging water, my swimming skills don’t help much,”

2. GTA Originally was Games run

most difficult game

When we talk about Open world games, is one of the most talked about Grand Theft Auto. Games that really defines the concept open world Things freely according to the wishes of the player. But before you know Los Santos or Liberty City, actually GTA it is Games Run.

The original concept was a chase between the police and the robbers. However, during development there are failure which resulted in the police constantly hitting the car of the player who became the robber, driving the car off the track.

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Apparently failure This is because the algorithm is always looking for the police to find the main character so they have to crash into his car. Auditor off Games pleased with the concept so encouraging GTA game Will Games that we know.

3. Metal gears Not at first Stealth games

Metal gears is currently considered one of the Stealth franchise the best in the business Games. Games This inspired a number of developers to create Games with a similar model, for example Faction or Sniper elite. But in fact, Metal gears originally wasn’t one Stealth games or Games that we know.

Creator of Games this is Hideo Kojima, who is in charge of the production Games Action on the MSX2 machine and during the build, he encountered technical difficulties. Yes, the technical difficulties were because Games the build cannot handle more than two enemies appearing on the 128 kb of memory of the MSX2.

This is where Kojima’s genius comes in, where he changes direction and concepts Games whoever had fought openly became Stealth games. That was because Kojima was being persecuted by meeting Manufacturing Games. So the concept secretly More realistically, Kojima told of a secret agent whose hobby is to invade to clean up the enemy.

4th The reason for the fog silent Hill There is

Concept of silent Hill As a Games Horror is pretty solid where in there Games we never know what’s ahead The reason there is always fog that accompanies our journey. This atmosphere creates a lot of uncertainty and player will be afraid to step forward. As a result, silent Hill Success and become one Games The best horror of its time.

Unfortunately, this fog concept was created due to restrictions hardware from PlayStation, so the developers thought about creating fog instead of adding a lot of textures that were created later Games that is not optimal. Therefore, Konami only highlights the closest object and obscures the farthest object with fog.

This crazy idea is perfect do-it-yourself silent Hill very scary and also has the most eye-catching visuals of its time.

5. Story inspiration Blood transferred

Hidetaka Miyazaki is one of the creators Games the best in the business Games. One of Games the best he has ever created was Blood transferred. Games the story is very complicated and a little difficult to understand. What drives this complicated story comes from Miyazaki’s childhood experience. Yes, when he was little, Miyazaki loved to read books that were beyond his ability, but even though he didn’t understand, he kept reading.

Therefore, a Blood transferred so that player felt the same feeling that he had in his childhood. Miyazaki also wants people to imagine the complexities of the story from his work, which he also did as a kid.

With a story that has a lot Action holes, he wants player fill it with your own imagination. This way the experience generated by the story page will be very good, with each player having a different experience later.

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