5 Recommended Survival Game Themed Movies That You Must Watch!

The Hunger Games movie poster


The Hunger Games movie poster

GridGames.ID – The current Survival game genre can be said to be one of the genres favored by gamers in any part of the world.

Games with this genre are favored by various gamers on various platforms such as PC, console, and mobile.

Well, survival games that have recently become favorite games include PUBG Mobile, LifeAfter, Minecraft, Limbo, and many more.

TDM Mode in PUBG Mobile

TDM Mode in PUBG Mobile

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Not only in video games, survival games are now often used as movie themes that are of interest to many viewers, you know.

The story is exciting and full of suspense capable of triggering adrenaline for anyone who watches it.

This time, GridGames doesn’t want to talk about video games, but films with the theme of survival games.

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Here are 5 recommendations for survival game-themed films that GridGames reports from the Kompas.com page.


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