5 Recommendations for the Best Mobile ESports Games With Fasting

Click here for game recommendations esports The best mobile version of SPIN Esports accompanies fasting. What kind of games do you have?

It’s okay to play games with friends or alone while fasting.Games to play especially with scenes esports It is quite large in Indonesia.

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I’m sure your fasting day will go smoothly with the game esports This mobile.Click here for recommended games esports Mobile version of SPIN Esports.

Mobile Legends

Brody Stan (1)
Photos via Mobile Legends

First of all, of course, Mobile Legends Bang: Bang (MLBB) This game is very crowded in Indonesia and you can find anyone playing this game anywhere.

In addition, MLBB play time is also very flexible depending on the game in progress, which can be long or fast. Especially suitable for ngabuburit fasting.

PUBG mobile

Blood Raven X-Suit PUBG mobile
Source: PUBG Mobile ID

Second, there is PUBG Mobile, which takes about 15-45 minutes to play the full game and is very suitable for playing during a fast.

Also, this game has many modes and is not boring at all.

LoL: Wild Lift

Alam Rol
Photo by Zephyr

Next is the incredible game LoL: Wild Rift. I just made and released it around 2022/2020. Wild Rift quickly soared its name into the eSports mobile games category.

This strategic Mobage game is also interesting to play as it has so many characters and unique skills. Suitable for your ex Dota 2 player.

Free fire

Xayne Update OB27 FF

Of course, Free Fire is also on the list. Indonesian modes and number of players are why it’s worth playing Free Fire in time for a fast.

Crash Royale

Photos via Esports chart

The last is Clash Royale, Indonesian eSports Clash Royale (CR) scene is quiet, but the game is still interesting alone.

They are some games esports A mobile, SPIN Esports version that’s perfect for fasting.

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