5 Rare and Most Terrible Diseases in the World

Disease is an abnormal condition that occurs in the body, causing discomfort and even death. As we know, one of the biggest diseases in the world is cancer.

Nearly 80% of people with cancer end up dying. Therefore, the professors are still looking for a powerful drug to cure cancer. Although the cure is very difficult, people with cancer will slowly recover if they do chemotherapy regularly.

Symptoms of cancer also vary, one of which is the immune system begins to weaken. In addition to cancer, it turns out that there are other rare and most terrible diseases in the world, for example as follows!

Very Goosebumps! These 5 Rare and Most Terrible Diseases in the World

You need to know guys, it turns out that there is also a stone disease that occurs in Nepal. In addition, there are also other rare and most terrible diseases in the world, such as the following!

1. Loa Loa Worm (Filarial Worm)

Rare and Most Terrible Diseases

Diseases of Loa Loa Worms (Filarial Worms)

The first rare and most terrible disease in the world is Worms Loa Loa (Filaria worms). This disease is caused by a parasite that lives in the eye. Therefore, this disease is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Just like blind from playing HP too often, this Loa Loa worm will harm eye health. Because, these worms can enter other parts of the human body.

Patients with this disease will usually experience elephantiasis. Early symptoms of this disease include abdominal pain, rash, papules and arthritis.

2. Pica

Rare and Most Terrible Diseases

Pica disease

The second rarest and most terrible disease in the world is Pica. Pica is an eating disorder that is usually characterized by very unnatural eating habits. The food that is eaten is also the things that are not to be eaten.

For example, people with Pica will eat soil, nails, chalk, cloth, paper, gasoline and so on. If people with this disease continue to eat these unnatural objects, they can get severe infections in their organs.

3. Vibrio Vulnificus

Rare and Most Terrible Diseases

Vibrio Vulnificus Disease

The third rare and deadliest disease is Vibrio Vulnificus. Vibrio Vulnificus is a bacterium that enters the body from raw shellfish, burns or jellyfish stings in the sea.

This disease will usually cause symptoms such as severe diarrhea, vomiting, dermatitis and other severe abdominal pain. According to doctors, this disease will weaken the immune system, stop blood flow and can cause death.

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4. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Rare and Most Terrible Diseases

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

The next rare and most terrible disease is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. This disease will cause the sufferer to feel very excruciating pain. So that you can experience chronic fatigue due to lack of energy.

In addition, this disease is caused by damage to the nervous system, especially in the central nervous system of the brain. Worse yet, this disease will interfere with mental health so that sufferers will experience excessive anxiety.

Then people with this disease will feel excessive heat in their bodies, such as burning and experience extraordinary pain, guys.

5. Noma (Cancrum Oris)

Rare and Most Terrible Diseases

Noma Disease (Cancrum Oris)

The rare and deadly disease in the next world is Noma or what is commonly called Cancrum Oris. This disease is an infection that can cause ulcers to form in the mouth and on the genitals of humans.

The boil will initially be visible but over time, the boil will enter the human body tissue until it is not visible. If so, it could cause humans to become disabled.

Reportedly people who suffer from this disease can recover quite small. Moreover, this disease can cause complications of the disease. Oh yes, this disease usually attacks malnourished children in a dirty environment.

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