5 Online Cinema Ticket Booking Applications, So You Don’t Have to Queue!

By using the cinema ticket ordering application, you don’t have to bother queuing for tickets anymore when a new movie comes out.

Of course if there’s a new movie coming out, I don’t know Action, Horror, or Romance movies, I feel like going to the cinema and watching it quickly.

So by ordering cinema tickets online using the application, you don’t have to bother standing around waiting in long queues.

Curious about what applications you can use to order cinema tickets online? Come on, just look at the following article.

No Need to Queue for Cinema Tickets Anymore Using This Application!

Here are some applications that can be used to book cinema tickets online. Oh yes, the following applications are safe and very secure, yes. So don’t be afraid there fraud in it.

1. Cinema 21

Cinema XXI

Cinema XXI

Well, for those of you who like to watch movies on Cinema XXIYou can now order tickets online using the Cinema 21 application.

With this application, you can see the show schedule, what movies are currently showing, even upcoming films (Coming Soon). In addition, you can also see ticket prices at various Cinema XXI cinemas.

To be able to order tickets through this application, you must register first. Before you buy tickets in this application, make sure your balance M-Tix you are enough. If not, then you have to do top up first.

App Name Cinema 21
Download Size 9.4 MB
Ticket Booking Payment Method M-Tix (Top up using Bank Transfer, Tokopedia, Credit Card, Digibank)
Download Here




If Cinema 21 is the official application from Cinema XXI, it is different with CGV ID. CGV ID is the official app of CGV Cinemas or what we usually know as Flash Megaplex.

You can use this application to order cinema tickets, but you must register first.

In addition to ordering tickets, you can also use this application to see the schedule and what movies will be showing.

Oh yes, this application also has a uniqueness, namely that you can order snacks online that you can take when you eat them in the cinema.

App Name CGV ID
Download Size 4.1 MB
Ticket Booking Payment Method Credit Card, Bank Transfer, CGV Pay, CGV Point
Download Here

3. Cinemaxx



Well, if this application is the official application of the cinema, Cinemaxx. Cinemaxx is a new cinema that can compete with other big cinemas such as Cinema XXI and CGV Cinemas.

Unlike the Cinema XXI and CGV ID applications which require users to login first to view empty seats, in this Cinemaxx application you no need to login account to view empty seats.

But if you want to book a ticket, you still have to login first, guys.

App Name Cinemaxx
Download Size 4.0 MB
Ticket Booking Payment Method Credit card
Download Here


Tix ID

Tix ID

If the previous application was an official application, the case is different with TIX ID. TIX ID is a third-party application that you can use to book cinema tickets.

However, TIX ID only provides services for cinemas Cinema XXI. Oh yes, there are other advantages that TIX ID has, namely the number of promos that are presented if use this app.

App Name TIX ID
Download Size 14 MB
Ticket Booking Payment Method DANA (Top up using Bank Transfer, Credit Card)
Download Here

5. Go-Jek



Go-Tix is one of the features of the Go-Jek application that can be used to order tickets for events or cinemas. The cinemas that work with Go-Tix are only CGV Cinemas and Cinemaxx.

Through Go-Tix, you can see synopsis and even trailers of the films you will watch. When ordering movies through Go-Tix, you will only be charged Rp. 5000, – guys.

For payment, you can go through GO-PAY, Credit Card, to Bank Transfer. Oh yes, Go-Jek also always presents promos for those of you who order tickets through Go-Tix.

App Name GOJEK
Download Size 43 MB
Ticket Booking Payment Method GO-PAY, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Download Here

Well, those are some online cinema ticket ordering applications that you can use. So you don’t have to worry about queuing for tickets anymore.

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