5 Most Powerful Sniper Weapons in PUBG Mobile, Make Enemies Fascinated

GridGames.ID – A battle-royale game called PUBG Mobile, is currently one of the most popular titles in the market.

The reason is, the game continues to add a variety of content and the latest features that satisfy the hearts of its fans.

Weapons are one of the most important aspects in the PUBG Mobile title that presents shooter gameplay.

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This time, GridGames will tell you the 5 most powerful sniper weapons in PUBG Mobile, check it out!

1. Kar98k

Kar98K, Weapon in PUBG Mobile Game

GridGames/Teguh Wicaksana

Kar98K, Weapon in PUBG Mobile Game

Kar98k is a sniper bolt type weapon that is present in PUBG Mobile.

This weapon offers damage that is classified as sick and can even be a one-hit-kill if it hits the head area.

Kar98k can be obtained easily because the weapon has spawned randomly throughout the map.


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