5 Most Challenging Hacking Games You Must Try

As we know, to become a hacker who is feared in the world is not easy. Even Indonesian hackers who are the most feared in the world must continue to learn how to hack themselves or be self-taught via the internet.

Especially now that there are many sites to learn hacking that many people can try. So that anyone can become a hacker easily. Just don’t be a fake hacker who claims to be able to hack but can’t.

Oh yes, besides the site you can also learn hacking through hacking games! Well, here are some of the most challenging hacking games that you must try!

Very Fun! This is the Most Challenging Hacking Game

So, even if you don’t like learning but want to become a hacker, you can try this most exciting hacking game right away!

1. System 15000

Most Challenging Hacking Game

Game System 15000

The first most challenging hacking game is System 15000. This game has been released since 1984, guys. The game created by AVS was originally programmed by Lee Kristofferson using Assembly language for the Commodore 64.

Furthermore, this game was made using the BASIC language and was the first game that turned out to simulate computer hacking. So, you will be tested to guess the password from the server. It’s as if you are a member of the most feared hacker organization in the world.

2. Uplink

Most Challenging Hacking Game

Uplink Games

The second most exciting hacking game is Uplink. If this game was released starting in 2001 and was designed by Chris Delay. Oh yes, this game about hacking was developed by Introversion Software and is a game about a simulator depicting computer hacking cinematics.

Oh yes, you can play this Uplink game on almost any computer operating system! So, in this game you have to manipulate data, even steal data and information. Well, the information is also information that is most often stolen by hackers such as passwords, birth dates, financial account numbers and so on.

3. Enter the Matrix

Most Challenging Hacking Game

Game Enter the Matrix

The third most challenging hacking game is Enter the Matrix. Yups, this game is an action-adventure genre game and has been released since 2003. The Enter the Matrix game itself was designed by David Perry and developed by Shiny Entertainment. Actually this game is better known as Atari, guys.

Oh yes, this game is also one of the games adapted from the film, namely the film The Matrix. Enter the Matrix game is also more often played on the Playstation platform. So, if you want to play it on Android, you have to use a PS Android emulator, guys.

4. Duskers

Most Challenging Hacking Game

Duskers Games

The fourth most exciting hacking game is Duskers. This game, which was just released in 2022, was developed and published by Misfits Attic. Duskers is an Indie Strategy game and can be played on Linux, OS X and Windows platforms.

The name is also a strategy game, it is certain that the players must require accuracy, ingenuity, vigilance, and so on. So, in this game, you as a handsome hacker or a beautiful female hacker must control the space system remotely to be able to save the earth, guys.

5. Gunpoint

Most Challenging Hacking Game

Gunpoint Games

The last most challenging hacking game is Gunpoint. Gunpoint is a stealth platform-based video game developed by Suspicious Developments and Tom Francis. This Gunpoint game was also published by Suspicious Developments in 2013 and can only be played on OS X and Linux.

Well, in this Gunpoint game you will act like a spy and have to enter the building to steal data, after that you also have to be able to manipulate data like a hacker. This game does look like an adventure game as well as a strategy game, guys.

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