5 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Have the Most Nasty Crowd Control

GridGames.ID – Loyal MOBA game players, especially Mobile Legends, must be familiar with the term Crowd Control (CC), right?

Yep, Crowd Control is an ability that makes enemy heroes get effects such as stun, slow and immobilize.

If you meet a hero who has the ability as mentioned above, you will be made difficult because your movements are limited.

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As GridGames said earlier, this Crowd Control of course has a very important role when playing Mobile Legends, because it is able to limit enemy movements.

Not only that, Crowd Control can also function to protect core heroes and do open wars.

If a team doesn’t have Crowd control heroes, one of the consequences is that heroes like fighters and assassins will dominate the game.

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Here are 5 heroes who have the most annoying Crowd Control abilities in Mobile Legends:


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