5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Can Cancel Enemy Skills

Hello smart friends! Previously SmartTips.com ever discussed about heroes who have the most annoying ultimate skill. Naturally heroes that’s very annoying.

Well, this time Smart Tips will discuss heroes in Mobile Legends which can cancel skills from hero other. Curious what heroes? Let’s see the following article.

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This is the Mobile Legends Hero that Can Cancel the Opponent’s Skill

1. Chou

Chou - Hero Mobile Legends

Chou – Hero Mobile Legends

The first hero that is easy to cancel skills opponent is Chou. As you know, Chou is a initiator hero best yes. The skills that Chou users usually rely on are Jeet Kune Do.

Skills it makes Chou attack the enemy in succession, in addition to the third blow of skills this will make the opponent hit knock-up and cancel skills the opponent.

Besides Jeet Kune Do, There are more skills Chou who is able to cancel the effect skills from the opponent, that is Shunpo. However, to use it, you have to be trained, guys.

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2. Lesley

Lesley - Hero Mobile Legends

Lesley – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero The next thing that can cancel the enemy’s skill is Lesley. Skills you can rely on to cancel skills opponent is Tactical Grenade.

Like if you meet Akai who is using Hurricane Dance, you just direct skills Tactical Grenade towards Akai, then the Hurricane Dance skill will automatically stop.

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3. Akai

Akai - Hero Mobile Legends

Akai – Hero Mobile Legends

Next there is Very deadly Tank hero, namely Akai. Well, for this one hero, you can count on skills Hurricane Dance to cancel any effect of skills issued by the opponent.

Like when Franco use skills Brutal Massacre to make Akai stun moment, then Akai just take out the Hurricane Dance skill to cancel skills the.

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4. Kagura

Kagura - Hero Mobile Legends

Kagura – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero next one can cancel skills opponent is Kagura. The skills that can be used to cancel the opponent’s skills are Yin Yang Overtune, but when Kagura was holding an umbrella.

For example if Saber use Triple Sweep towards Kagura, then Kagura just take out skills Yin Yang Overtune which will instantly cancel the Triple Sweep skill. Another skill that Kagura can use is Rasho Umbrella Flee.

When Kagura holding an umbrella, then skills the opponent will not affect him if using a skill Rasho Umbrella Flee. Meanwhile, if the umbrella is removed and directed at the opponent, the skill will make the opponent affected stun.

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5. Diggie

Diggie - Hero Mobile Legends

Diggie – Hero Mobile Legends

Hero the last one to cancel skills opponent is Diggie. yep, Hero Support this one really helps the team, guys.

Use skills Time Journey, then any skill of the enemy will have no effect on Diggie or team members who are in the neighborhood skills the.

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Well, that’s some hero Mobile Legends which can cancel skills from the opponent. Interested in using it?

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