5 Mistakes of Mobile Legends Players When Buying Build Items

To make Mobile Legends heroes have a powerful attack power, you have to add the best build items. When you’ve added the best build items, maybe the hero you’re using can get savage.

However, each item is only suitable for heroes that have the appropriate type for the item. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the situation when you are fighting with the enemy to buy the build item. You have to really pay attention to the build item.

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Here are the Mobile Legends Player Errors when Buying Build Items

SmartTips.com will provide what might usually be Mobile Legends players often make mistakes in buying build items. Instead of being curious, just take a look at this article.

1. Always Follow Recommended Items from Mobile Legends

Always Follow Recommendations

Always Follow Recommendations

The first mistake is to always follow the recommended build items from Mobile Legends itself. When you don’t know the build item that matches the hero you are using, you will definitely use the recommended build item from Mobile Legends.

However, not all of these build items can be used when dealing with enemies. You must know of every effect or additional status that is given through the item to you.

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2. Changing Items That Don’t Match the Hero Type

Changing Items

Changing Items

The next mistake is to change items that do not match the type of hero. Every hero must have the best build item depending on the type of hero. Like you buy a magic item where you use a fighter type hero.

Here you have to pay close attention to each item. When you use a fighter or marksman type hero. So, use the best build item for that type of hero, smart friend.

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3. Lack of Understanding Item Order

Don't know the order to buy the item

Don’t know the order to buy the item

The next error is the lack of understanding the order of the items. You will definitely buy items to increase the attack power of the hero. However, you must know what order or item you should buy first.

For that, you have to pay attention to what build item you want to buy the first time. We recommend buying items for the first time, namely build items that have low prices or shoes that are usually done by global top players.

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4. Only Focus on Buying Items in the Upper Right Corner

Focus on Buying Items in the Upper Right Corner

Focus on Buying Items in the Upper Right Corner

The next mistake is to only focus on buying items in the upper right corner. Indeed, when you have set the build item that you may have set and you also have enough gold, it will appear with the automation of the item.

If you always buy build items that appear in the upper right corner, then the build items that you want to make will take a long time, because the items will scatter. For that, you have to focus when buying items and make them one by one in making build items.

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5. Buying Expensive Items Early in the Game

Buying Expensive Items

Buying Expensive Items

The last mistake is buying expensive items early in the game. Each item must have a different price and have additional status and effects that are different from other items.

Items that have an expensive price, will definitely increase the attack power that is more powerful than others. However, if at the beginning of the game you have bought expensive items, you will have difficulty collecting gold. For that, buy items that have a low price and according to your hero type.

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Well, that’s him 5 Mistakes of Mobile Legends Players when Buying Build Items. If you have any other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Share this article so that more people know.

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