5 Jobs in the Esports Industry Other than Athletes

Becoming an esports athlete and winning world tournaments is certainly a dream for competition game fans. However, not everyone can become an athlete as a job in the esports industry because they do not have sufficient skills, and are mentally strong. But if you want to keep working in esports, we have prepared a list of 5 jobs in the esports industry besides being an athlete.

Caster (Commentator)

5 Jobs in the Esports Industry Other than Athletes
DEJETTTT and MELONDOTO Experienced Esport Casters
Source: Acer ID

All sports matches feel less alive if there are no comments from the casters or commentators. They are tasked with providing information to the audience about what is happening in the match and behind the match.

Casters must not only understand about the game they are commenting on but they must also have an interesting personality and unique way of speaking so that the audience is entertained and continues to watch the match until the end.

Event Organizer

5 Jobs in the Esports Industry Other than Athletes
This Press Conference event requires an Event Organizer

In the world of esports, of course, there are many events that will support esports itself, such as tournaments, exhibitions, and other interesting events from developers, publishers, governments and various other esports industry players. The event organizer is in charge of managing the event so that it runs smoothly.

Cannot be done by one person, event organizers divide their duties into logistics, decorators, documentation, event organizers, sponsor seekers, and so on. They are required to provide locations, connections, streaming facilities, schedule events so they don’t clash with other events, so that esports events run well.


5 Jobs in the Esports Industry Other than Athletes
Skrff Observer DOTA PIT
source: youtube

Observer is a job in the esports industry that is very much needed in game matches, especially MOBAs such as LoL and Dota 2. Observers are required to display crucial moments, for example when war, or funny events in games.

Observers need strong focus, they have to be good listeners and eyesight, because in a long game they have to keep their focus on the game and see precisely so as not to miss interesting events to give to the audience.


5 Jobs in the Esports Industry Other than Athletes
Event coverage by journalist Habibi Yasin

Like I am not good at playing games, you can also make journalists a job in the esports industry. The role of journalists is to be able to cover events or events related to the Esports industry, then make informative and interesting articles about games and esports through writing. Journalists are very much needed in the esports industry so that people know about esports and current game developments.

Jobs in Sultan’s Specialized Esports Industry: CEO / Team Owner

5 Jobs in the Esports Industry Other than Athletes
Andrian Pauline, CEO of RRQ Indonesia
Source: Skyegrid

In the world of esports, of course, teams need to be able to hold tournament competitions. The one who holds the highest decision in the esports team is the team owner or can be called the CEO. Being a CEO is a very promising job in the economy, but the burden of responsibility is so great that not everyone can become a CEO. For those of you who want to create your own team, you need a large amount of money and if you don’t have a sponsor then you need to be a sultan first before becoming a CEO.

How are you interested in the work above or are there other jobs that you are interested in? Try to comment below on job recommendations in other gaming industries so that others can also know!

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