5 Indonesian Hackers Who Are Most Feared in the World

Even in a technological learning system Indonesia lags far behind Japan or other developed countries. But, it turns out that in Indonesia there are still geniuses who understand the world of information technology.

They even understand it self-taught or learn through Google only. However, did you know that Indonesians in the hacking world don’t need to doubt it. Because, there are some people in Indonesia who are able to hack servers and even satellites easily.

Although Indonesia has not been able to create an anti-hacker smartphone. However, Indonesia has expert hackers that the state can rely on. Well, here is a list of the most feared hackers from Indonesia in the world!

Most Feared in the World! These are 5 Hackers from Indonesia

A hacker or hacker is someone who studies, analyzes, modifies and breaks into a computer system or network with a specific purpose.

Many people think a hacker is a very cool person. Maybe as cool as this Indonesian hacker!

1. Onno W Purbo

Indonesian hackers

Onno W Purbo

The first hacker from Indonesia is Onno W Purbo or commonly called Kang Onno. Kang Onno is an expert in the world of information technology from Bandung. It is known that Kang Onno also graduated from Electrical Engineering in 1981.

So, it’s only natural that he is an Information Technology expert, because he graduated from IT in Canada, to be precise at PAU-ME. He became one of the famous hackers in Indonesia with his ideas.

2. Dani Firmansyah Effendi

Indonesian hackers

Dani Firmansyah Effendi

The second hacker from Indonesia is Dani Firmansyah Effendi or commonly known as Xnuxer ID. Reportedly he became one of the greatest hackers in Indonesia because he was able to hack the security system of the Indonesian KPU in 2022.

When he hacked the KPU website, he replaced the names of political party participants with the names of fruits. But the action is directly handled by Cyber ​​Crime. He was later charged with vandalizing state assets and he received a sentence of only a few months in prison.

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3. Bio666x

Indonesian hackers


The third hacker from Indonesia is Bio666x. Reportedly, he once turned off the internet network in Malaysia, guys. Not only Malaysia, but Singapore has also hacked its internet network security system.

This Bio666x has the real name Yogi. Yogi admitted that he learned to be a hacker because he was self-taught using Google. Oh yes, he also once fought Australia’s arrogance when doing defacing, guys. Although not one of the most feared little hackers in the world, his actions made the world worry about being hacked by this kid.

4. I Made Wiryana

Indonesian hackers

I Made Wiryana

The second hacker from Indonesia is I Made Wirayana or commonly known as Mr. Made. Mr. Made is a member of the Cyber ​​Paspampres of the Republic of Indonesia, guys. Beliu is trusted to handle and manage the maintenance of the website and the President’s server.

The proof that he is the most feared hacker is when he backups the presidential server only a few seconds before the server is attacked by DDoS. Mr. Made is a doctoral graduate at RVS Bielfield Germany, it has been proven that he is not a fake hacker.

5. Jim Geovedi

Indonesian hackers

Jim Geovedi

The last Indonesian hacker is Jim Geovedi. He is one of the famous hackers in Indonesia, guys. Reportedly, Jim Geovedi is one of the experts and observers of the world of Information Technology in Indonesia who apparently lives abroad.

One of the strengths of this hacker from Indonesia is that he can practice that he can shift the direction of the orbits of satellites in outer space. Jim Geovedi admitted that he learned to be a self-taught hacker, guys.

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So that they also know that there are hackers from Indonesia who are the most feared in the world today. Oh yes, if you have criticisms and suggestions regarding the list of the most feared hackers from Indonesia in the world, you can write them down in the comments column below

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